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Whether you’re a Craftpreneur or a hobbyist wreath maker, attaching wreath signs may not come naturally (at first). Here are Damon’s top tips and tools for attaching wreath signs of any type!

Hey, y’all! Here at How To Make Wreaths, we try to show you lots of different types of wreath designs and give you ideas for easy ways to customize them. That way you can learn techniques that work for you and offer your customers unique items they can’t find anywhere else.

Besides changing out ribbon colors and patterns, there’s another quick way to customize a wreath and turn it into a special one for any occasion…use wreath signs!

But, if you’ve never worked with wreath signs before, figuring out how to attach them to your wreath can probably seem a little intimidating. So, how do you attach wreath signs so they are secure and fit into the design naturally?

This post will answer all your questions plus show you some tools that will help you attach wreath signs like the professional that you are!

How to Attach a Wreath Sign

Tools Needed To Attach Wreath Signs

Wreath signs are a simple, festive accent that can definitely get you into the spirit for ANY event. Adding a festive accent sign to your wreath is a simple method for converting your everyday wreath into a wreath for any (and every) occasion. It’s almost like an accent sign is the wreath-making world’s version of the easy button!

But, in full disclosure, there’s just a little prep work that needs to happen to the sign in order to make it ready to attach to your wreath.

Adding a wreath accent sign is one of my favorite tools in my wreath-making arsenal belt! Here are some tools that will help make the task faster and easier.

Lightweight hammer – Simply place the tip of your nail onto the back of the metal sign and give it a few light taps with a hammer until the tip of the nail pierces through the metal. I wouldn’t do this with a wooden wreath sign because you could easily go all the way through or crack the thin wood.

Turn it into a hammer and nail set! Use this tool specifically designed for starting holes to tap a small hole into your signs!

Metal hole punch – this is the easiest method for preparing metal signs and only needs one tool instead of the two for the hammer and nail set.

Mounting squares and Super glue – You can use 1″x1″ mounting bases and a touch of DAP Rapidfuse.

Video Tutorial For Attaching Metal Wreath Signs

I made a short video for you to demonstrate how I used all of these items. Check it out because I think it’ll answer any questions you have about preparing metal signs to attach to your wreaths.

How To Attach A Metal Wreath Sign To Your Wreath

So how do you make a wreath with an accent sign on it? The process is super simple because all the work is in prepping the sign to attach it.

Pick (or make) your wreath. It can be anywhere from simple to elaborate. Once you have your wreath created and your sign prepped, all you have to do is attach your sign using pipe cleaners to complete the look.

Then, you have the flexibility to remove the sign and swap it out for a new one with every changing season (or holiday). Instant new wreath!

Tips For Attaching Wreath Signs

With metal signs, there are several different methods you can use, depending on the tools that you have (or want to invest in).

However, when it comes to prepping wood signs, my favorite method is to glue on the mounting squares and insert pipe cleaners. It’s easy, effective, and less messy than other methods we could use. Plus, it prevents staples or nails from poking through the front or cracking the wood, and ruining your sign.


Did the information above spark some questions? Here are some answers to common questions I see from readers about wreath signs and attaching them to wreaths.

Can you DIY a wooden wreath sign?

Yes, if you are super crafty and have the time you want to devote to it, you can make your own wooden wreath sign. It isn’t necessarily hard to do, but it does take time.

For the everyday crafter, there are several steps involved in creating a DIY wooden wreath sign:

  • Cutting the wood
  • Designing the layout
  • Painting the sign (sometimes several times)
  • Add any lettering or images
  • Coat with a protective top layer
  • Attach sign to your wreath

The entire process can take hours to days, depending on how elaborate the design is. Since it’s a time-intensive process, it’s much faster to simply purchase wreath signs. These decoupaged Christmas signs are one small example, just to give you an idea!

Is it better to make my wreath accent signs or buy them?

In my opinion, it’s much better to spend your time making your wreaths and simply purchase the signs. That’s especially true now that there are so many affordable wreath signs available to purchase!

I try to save my time (and sanity!) where I can. Buying things that are both affordable and save me hours of work is definitely at the TOP of my list.

However, after spending hours of work on creating a beautiful custom wreath, the last thing you want to do is cheapen your work by slapping on any old sign. After years of designing wreaths, I’ve become very choosy about where I purchase wreath signs.

Lucky for you, you can find both supplies and accent signs for wreaths at!

Wreath with a wreath sign attached

Adding a wreath sign to a season-specific sign can elevate your design and add even more visual interest. I hope this post answers all of your questions and clarifies the process for attaching wreath signs to your wreath designs!

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How to Attach a Wreath Sign: Must Have Tips & Tools
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