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Spiders don’t have to be scary y’all!!! This cute little spider with her fancy hair bow and flirty lashes are proof of that. Silvia Boudreaux from Wreaths by Silvia will walk you through step-by-step in the video on how to complete this Simple Spider Wreath. Since some painting is involved, this project will take a little longer to allow for drying time. You can make this DIY Halloween wreath to sell, keep for yourself, or I’m certain someone would love to receive this as a gift.

simple spider wreath

How To Make A Simple Spider DIY Halloween Wreath

This spider Halloween wreath is a prime example of taking what you have and with a few changes, turning it into something awesome! You can let the creativity flow and make something crafty, especially now that it’s almost time for Halloween.

Spider Halloween Wreath Tools and Supplies List

DIY spider wreath

DIY Spider Halloween Wreath Instructions

Day One – Prep Work:

*Be sure to use spray paint in a well ventilated area. Wear rubber/plastic gloves and paint mask*

  1. Layout drop cloth and place hydrangea wreaths and grapevine wreath front side down. Using black spray paint, begin spraying wreaths applying a thorough and even coat of paint. Let dry. wreath of shame
  2. Place any loose hydrangea blossoms in an empty box and apply a coat of black paint. Shake box while spraying to get better coverage on all sides. Let dry.
  3. For the eyes, stick the Styrofoam balls onto the wooden skewers or wire stems and spray with the Jungle Green paint. Stick skewers into foam block to dry. spider eyes
  4. Take one set of eyelashes, leaving on the plastic base, and spray with a thin coat of black paint. Let dry and apply maybe one additional coat of paint. You want them to appear longer and thicker.
  5. While everything dries, let’s make the bows. You’ll need your ribbon selection – 2.5″ glittered black for the Butt Bow and 3 varieties 1.5″ ribbon for the hair bow. You’ll also need the Pro Bow Maker and the Fluff Box (when working with several ribbons and multiple layers, this tool makes the task so much easier to manage, and it’s also a lot easier on your hands). For detailed instructions, check out how to make a wreath bow using a Pro Bow.
  6. By this time, your painted items should be dry and ready for another coat.
  7. Flip the wreaths to the front side and spray with black paint making sure to get thorough coverage. Add another coat of black to the eyelashes and loose flowers in the box if needed. And another layer of green to the eyeballs if needed. black hydrangea wreaths

Day Two – Assembling the wreath:

  1. Take black paint pen and form a quarter size circle on each eyeball and fill in completely. Since the foam ball is porous, you may need to push tip of the pen into the divots for better coverage. Let dry.
  2. Next, you’ll need two 18 gauge wire stems to construct a brace in a cross shape in the center opening of the grapevine wreath. Insert the ends of one stem into the grapevine from left to right. Then insert the end of the second stem in the bottom of the wreath, wrap around horizontal wire once, and insert other end into top of wreath. Hot glue can be added to wire ends for added security.
  3. Now you’ll begin building the wreath base. Take two hydrangea wreaths, one on top of the other, and start joining them together by staggering and weaving the blooms together to form one wreath. Repeat this step with the third hydrangea wreath until you have one big wreath.
  4. Use two zip ties to secure them together, clipping the zip tie tails as you go.
  5. Attach the hydrangea wreath to the grapevine wreath with four zip ties – one each on top, bottom, left, and right.
  6. Weave the zip ties “through” the grapevine and around the hydrangea wreath. Clip zip tie tails as you go, since everything is black they can be harder to find.
  7. Then you’ll be building the support for the Butt Bow. You will need the 30 inch pieces of black deco mesh. Take one piece with one end in each hand and curl or roll the ends inward a couple of times. Then gather the remaining mesh bringing the curls together to form a ruffle. Secure in the middle of the ruffle with a pipe cleaner. Repeat this step with remaining pieces of mesh.
  8. Attach the ruffles to the wire cross brace in the grapevine center. Use 4-6 ruffles depending on how full you want the center to be.
  9. Next, attach the bows. Add the Butt Bow to the wreath by weaving the pipe cleaners through the mesh and twisting them snugly around the wire cross brace. Pick a bare spot in the flowers to place the hair bow and twist pipe cleaners around wreath.
  10. To finish the eyeballs, you’ll need to add some DAP Glue to the eyelashes and place on the foam balls to achieve the look you want. Although it may be easier to add glue to the foam ball and use a toothpick to position the eyelashes.
  11. Next, cut 4-1″ pieces of floral wire and form a U shape. Using two per eye, push U pins over the ends of the eyelash for added security.
  12. To attach the eyeballs to the wreath, take an 18 gauge wire stem and fold in half. Using the pick machine, add a pick to the bent end of the wire (A wooden floral pick will also work if you don’t have a pick machine).
  13. Add a dab of hot glue to the ends of the wire and insert one end into the back of each eyeball. Add hot glue to the pick and insert into the wreath near the hair bow.
  14. Fill in any gaps or thin areas with the loose hydrangea blossoms. Group two or three blossoms together, add a pick and hot glue, then add to the wreath. A few smaller floral pieces can be saved to cover the picks used in the next and final step.
  15. Finally…your spider needs some legs. You will need the 8-12 inch pieces of black wired Glittered Glamour Rope. Add picks to one end of each leg, then bend legs in the middle to form a soft U shape. “Before” gluing, push the picks into the grapevine wreath to get the desired placement for the legs. Then one at a time remove each leg, add glue, and place back in original position. To form a little foot, bend a soft “L” shape about 1.5 inches from the end of each leg.

And that’s it ya’ll! You have made a cute and simple Spider Halloween Wreath!!! It does take a little more time to complete than most wreaths, but would make a nice weekend project. And a great way to re-purpose those “Wreaths of Shame.”

how to make a simple spider halloween wreath

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