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Did you already catch our video tutorial on the EZ Bow Maker? If not, make sure to watch that next. In today’s post we are focusing on how to make a wreath bow using the Pro Bow.

If you have to craft multiple bows, both tools will help you save time. For our favorite bow making tools, check out Top 3 Bow Making Tools. Most of the time you’ll see me using the EZ Bow Maker, but there was a time that I would pull out the Pro Bow for projects like the one pictured below.


How to make a wreath bow with a pro bow

How to Make a Wreath Bow with the Pro Bow 

Remember you can use this tutorial for any themed wreath. We went all patriotic for this one, but really all you need to do is switch out your ribbons to fit the season or occasion. Take a look at some of our Creative Coaching members’ wreaths at the end of the post. They are GORGEOUS!

Supplies needed:


These steps are simple and may seem tedious, but once you start, you’ll be able to make professional wreath bows in your sleep.

  1. Start by measuring out a piece of 24-inch wire. You’re going to need to cut and have 2 of these per bow.
  2. Next, take your first ribbon of choice and set it aside. Grab one of the wires that you just cut and fold it in half. Measure the ribbon out about 6 inches, give it a pinch, and tie it off with the wire.
  3. Take that ribbon and wrap it around your center peg. Give it a little pinch on the bottom then tie it with the wire and wrap the wire around the bottom peg. Tie if off on the top. Doing this gives you a center loop.
  4. Now it’s time to add your second wire. Take the second piece of cut wire and fold it in half. Work it through the bottom of the ribbon that is the newly created center ribbon and twist it off using the wire.
  5. Take your ribbon and loop up and around the center ribbon and around the next pegs on the left and right of the center ribbon. Then, tie it off at the bottom.
  6. At this point, you’ll do the same with your third ribbon as well. Follow the same steps of grabbing your third wire, folding in half, circling around the bottom center loop and around the next two pegs on the left and right that are currently empty.
  7. For the final step of using up the four cut wires, do this exact same process again with the fourth ribbon and fourth wire.
  8. Do these steps over and over again until you’ve come to the end of the pegs. On the final peg, I like to use two ribbons at a time (instead of just one) and loop around the bottom and tie it off just to get it a bit of extra pizzazz.
  9. Once tied, pull off the pegs and you’ve created your very own wreath bow!

See how simple and easy this can be?

Would you like to learn how to make the entire wreath pictured above? Check out our free patriotic wreath tutorial by clicking here.

See some of our members’ creations:

Beach themed wreath by Becca R

Beach themed wreath design by Brenda Racca


fall wreath from Deb R using the Pro Bow

Fall Themed Wreath by Deb R


Liana M wreath designs made using the Pro Bow

Liana M wreath designs

If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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