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Hey y’all it’s Megan with Gal vs Glue Gun. I am a creative coach for DecoExchange. Let’s talk about some greenery.

I wanted to pull some of my favorite greeneries to show y’all what I like to use during spring and summer and everyday designs.

You’ll also get to see some projects that incorporate my favorite greenery below.

1. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

lantern with floral arrangement

Honestly, I am obsessed with any kind of flat leaf or silver dollar eucalyptus I think it gives a nice look for any design.

I love it because it’s nice and dense and it carries its own and it also works really well with whimsical pieces. I’m seriously obsessed with all the detail like the veins and the variegated leaves. This is my go to greenery!

2. Mixed Fern Bush

full lantern swag with greenery and flowers

My second go to faux greenery a mixed fern bush. Unlike the silver dollar eucalyptus, which is silk, the fern bush is plastic. I love to mix my silk with my plastics.

But let’s focus on the stem. Each stem is exactly the same. It is a pusher, which means that you can take all your greenery offshoots and you can push them up the stem to be more fuller. If you prefer a more airy look, spread them apart instead.

I love that this has tons of different texture details from seeds, leaves, and fern branches. It is so versatile and goes great with all our other greeneries.

I use this for centerpieces, swags, door hangers, and wreaths. I love love love this!

3. Boxwood

Another one is really great is a boxwood. This is a pusher as well. So that means you can take it so you can kind of see it on one of these a little bit better. These are a little bit longer of a stem.

It does not have to have seeds at the end, but I do love this extra texture. Boxwood is nice and airy. If you need a more dense feel, you can also push the leaves up the stem. Just be a little bit careful that you don’t you lose any greens. You can enforce them with some glue if you pull one up.

It hit does have a milky hue as you can see a powdery look to it. The mixed ferns had more of a truer green.

Mixing Colors and Textures

There’s no rule to mixing. It’s designers choices!

You can mix materials, colors, and textures. The more you challenge yourself, the more confident you’ll become.

4. Moss Flocked Greenery

I love moss flocked greenery, it’s super fun. It’s definitely a best seller and sells out year after year.

This works really great for pairing with succulents, magnolias, and peonies.

Now this has a little bit more stem. I also love the wired stems that you can twirl.

5. Fern Stems

Another thing I love ferns, ferns, ferns, and more ferns. Who doesn’t love a full bush. Ferns are a great greenery for every day, spring, and summer designs.

Now the main stem is woven with floral tape, so you can pull it apart or you can clip it. If you pull it apart, be careful in the way it unravels because it will unravel.

Ferns have so much texture. It gives a nice again airy vibe. It’s not a dense leaf it’s still got little holes here there.

These are gorgeous with watermelon, lemons, everyday colors, your deep greens, flamingos, bumblebees. Pretty much all the fun things!

6. Grape Ivy

Damon and I share this favorite…IVY. The variegation on ivy is gorgeous.

The detail on grape ivy leaves is amazing. These are super super fun and you get so many pieces to it.

These are about the same size as the silver dollar eucalyptus leaf. If you want to use a lighter color greens and darker color greens this is just a go to that I like to use. It just gives really great texture to a design as well because you’re going in from going from leafy vibes to ferny vibe.

We went from the boxwood or eucalyptus to a totally different shape and a totally different look.

7. Lamb’s Ear

collage showing different angles of a door swag with magnolia flower and soft leaves

I also love to use lamb’s ear. This is just a sweet milky color to use with all your whites, creams, pink pastels, lavenders…pretty much all your soft colors.

This is an amazing stem. It has tons of texture. I love greenery with all these different textures. The specific lamb’s ear mix includes your lovely flat leaf or silver dollar eucalyptus and a milky looking fern.

Y’all hope that helped kind of go through some of my favorite greeneries I hope you join us to learn how to use these greeneries in The Makers University Creative Coaching.

Thanks for hanging out with me and I will see y’all soon. Bye

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