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The key to being able to sell products in an online business is the ability to take great product photos! Today, I’m sharing some of my best product photography tips to help you create those top-notch product images so your wreaths fly off the shelves.

Hey, y’all! I get asked certain questions A LOT. One example is how to take great product photos for selling your wreaths on Etsy

I get it! It’s only natural to want to know how to amazing product images when you’re trying to sell products online, right?

I decided it was high time to create a post for you showing you some of the product photography tips and tricks I have learned to help grow my own business.

Between creating your products, pricing them, listing them for sale, and shipping them off to your customers, who has time to learn basic photography tips?

Photography Tips for Selling on Etsy

Why You Should Take Great Product Photos

Well, if you want to run a successful business where products fly off the shelves and people want to buy more from you, you’ll need to spend a little time learning some basic product photography tips.

Trust me, learning to create beautiful product photos is worth your time! 

After all, whether you want to sell your wreaths on Etsy, on your own website, or anywhere else online, the cornerstone to making sales (especially with brand new clients) is to display amazing product images that highlight your creativity and excellent handmade work.

Fun Fact: High-quality product photos are essential for driving sales for online eCommerce businesses. What’s more, according to these eCommerce psychology statistics from Justuno, visual appearance is the driving influence for purchasing a product for 93% of consumers. 

Given that fact, there’s a sad reality online craftpreneurs need to face. You could have the most beautiful, well-made products available, but you won’t make sales if you aren’t able to showcase them online in ways that help them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

True, you may make an occasional sale, but you won’t sell enough to make a living doing what you love. And making money doing what you love is the whole goal! 

Without further ado, let’s dive into some basic tips for beginners to take great product photos to help sell your wreaths on Etsy.

6 Tips To Help Beginners Create Great Product Photos

If you want to sell your products online, it’s crucial to sell them through images. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 😉 

Not everyone can afford (or wants to pay for) a professional to take product photos. However, with just a bit of time and practice, you can learn how to take pictures that sell. 

Use these 6 product photography techniques and tips to help you go from being an amateur to nearly professional very quickly.

Video: Product Photography Tips

Before you dive into the tips, I decided to make a short video for you to help on this very topic!

1. Great Product Photos Use A Simple Background

Y’all, it’s important to be aware of the backgrounds in your product images. 

It might be easy to go ahead and take a photo while your wreath is on your work table.

However, if you can see a bunch of supplies or other wreaths in the background, that distracts the shopper and keeps them from seeing how amazing the wreath is that you’re trying to showcase.

Instead, use a simple or plain white background when taking product photos to post online. This simplifies the entire image!

Eliminating a cluttered background helps the buyer really see and appreciate your wreath rather than being distracted or overwhelmed by your photo.

This is one BIG reason why I like to hang my wreaths on a white prop door!

2. Add Lighting For Great Product Images

Typical overhead lighting in your workspace will not make your product look its best. You’ll likely see poor lighting and unwanted shadows, which will detract from your product.

Instead, turn on some additional light to help your wreath shine in the spotlight and highlight your amazing handiwork.

3. Use Square Mode For Etsy Product Photography

Etsy thumbnails are squared.

If you take a picture in regular mode and upload that to Etsy, then Etsy will automatically crop your product photo to fit its square thumbnail size.

You don’t want that!

When Etsy does that, you’ll find yourself with product images that just don’t look right. Part of your wreath will be cropped off, or it won’t be centered the way you want it.

Instead, eliminate the need for cropping by taking your product photos in square mode. Then, you’ll have control over exactly what your image looks like.

4. Use It The Way It’s Meant For

A wreath is made to be hung up, right? The best way to show off your wreath is to hang it up for your photo. It’s a similar idea to the reason for staging a house. You want the buyer to be able to imagine the house (or the wreath, in this case) in their lives. 

By hanging your wreath on a door (or even a prop door), you’re taking a step to make it even easier for your buyers to imagine your wreath on their own doors and in their lives.

When potential buyers can see your item in their lives…well, y’all, that’s the sound of sales coming in!

5. Eliminate Shadows In Product Photos

Shadows can make your products show poorly. Adding lighting to help highlight the attributes of your wreath may inadvertently create shadows.

You may not notice them on your own, but they will definitely show up in your product photos. That will affect your sales!

Eliminate shadows by either hanging your wreath on a door or by placing it directly in front of a simple background with the light source directly in front of it!

6. Close-Ups Of Accents

A lot of time and effort went into creating your wreath! Show it off by taking close-up pictures of each individual accent you added to your wreath.

Signs, florals, specialty ribbons, and more should have their own product photos. That way your customers can examine your item in more detail as they decide whether or not to buy it.

Final Tip For Great Product Photography

I love using the Pic, Tap, Go! app to do any additional cropping or to use filters to adjust the lighting for my product photos.

When I take that short extra step before adding them to my Etsy shop, my images turn out so much better.

It’s a simple and easy-to-use app that makes a world of difference!

More Resources For Selling On Etsy

That’s it, y’all! My hope is that you find these product photography tips helpful for improving the quality of your product images. I see how amazing your wreaths are! I just know that using these tips and tricks will help your potential customers see what I see!

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