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Parker talks about the DecoExchange e-commerce business and what it takes to start successfully selling online. These are insights you are not going to want to miss!

Hey, y’all! If you haven’t checked out our Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast, it is way past time that you do. Our purpose behind making this podcast is to give you valuable, bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that you can take and implement into your business to become more successful. 

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 22 - 3 Keys to Successfully Selling Online Host: Parker Stelly

If you’re ready to work towards walking away from your 9-5 and lead a Maker’s life, the Makers Mean Business Podcast will help you get there!

Today, we have Episode 22: The 3 Keys to Successfully Selling Online.

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MMB Episode 22: 3 Keys to Successfully Selling Online

Parker has a great way of breaking down aspects of running a successful business into very simple terms.

In this episode, he talks about how to sell online successfully with an e-commerce store. However, before he gets into that, he mentions a big point:

If you aren’t successful with selling on Etsy, you likely won’t be successful selling on Shopify.

Let’s dive into the highlights to today’s episode by learning these 3 keys.

1. Traffic for Selling Online

In order to make sales, statistically, the industry-wide conversion rate is 1-2%. That’s not a high number, y’all!

Think about it: It takes getting 100 visitors to make 1-2 sales.

It means that you need to have traffic to your shop in order to have a chance to make sales.

That’s the benefit of Etsy. Since it’s basically “the Amazon of Handmade Crafts,” the traffic is already built-in.

If you are starting with selling your handmade crafts, hands down, start with Etsy.

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2. Great Photos are Key to e-Commerce Success

In order to stop the scroll, your product – your images – need to be beautiful. Gorgeous presentation is key to product sales, and Parker gives some great tips about how to achieve great lighting with simple tools.

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3. Incorporating SEO Into Your Descriptions

This exact technique will differ slightly between Etsy and Shopify, but on both platforms, using your keywords is crucial to success.

When utilizing SEO, think like your customer. Use terms that your customer would use instead of terms that a master crafter would choose. 

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e-Commerce Success: Final Thoughts

We don’t want to spoil all of Parker’s words of wisdom in this episode, so these are just the highlights! If you want to scale your business, this is a must-listen episode (who am I kidding – they ALL are)!

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 22 - 3 Keys to Successfully Selling Online

Be sure to catch MMB Ep 22: The 3 Keys to Successfully Selling Online.

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In our next episodes, Parker shares with you his top 10 tips for YouTube success. Come back to catch this episode and more from the Makers Mean Business Podcast.

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