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In episode 36 of the Makers Mean Business Podcast, Parker invited Roberto Candelaria to talk about business collaborations. Building relationships in business is more important for success than most people realize. Learn some of Roberto’s suggestions for creating business collaborations and how they will help your business.

Hey, y’all! Parker here. In the last episode of the Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast, I talked about my plan moving forward to include hosting some of the speakers from our recent Wreath Makers Live conference. If you didn’t catch that episode, catch up by listening to Episode 035: Heard at Wreath Makers Live 2021.

Well, today I’m diving in and putting my plan into action by having Roberto Candelaria here sharing his tips for not working alone in business. If you really want to succeed in business, forming helpful business collaborations is key.

Please note: I’m trying to have these guests on the podcast in the same order as they spoke at the conference so that I don’t miss someone!

Benefits of Business Collaborations

Business Collaborations Mean Building Relationships In Business

If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, then you probably remember we had Roberto on already in Episode 30, which was an awesome episode that you definitely need to hear if you missed it. I decided to bring him on again because his talk was so good, and his message was so powerful. I felt it needed to be heard again in a different way.

Helping you achieve your dream of leading a Maker’s life is our goal. Sharing the incredible wisdom from Makers like Roberto is one way we can do that.

Today, we have Episode 036: Don’t Do Business Alone with Roberto Candelaria

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MMB Episode 36: The Importance Of Business Collaborations

Roberto is a friend of ours, and he’s spent years learning about building relationships in business: how to do it well and how to use those relationships to create mutually beneficial business collaborations.

He spoke about this and the role that video plays in business these days at the Wreath Maker’s Live conference. When I invited him to speak about this on the podcast, I was thrilled when he accepted! 

I love where he talks about how collaboration doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t need to be directly about making money. Collaboration is about building relationships with each person benefitting in some way. And as a bonus, the joint effort was less work for both people.

You don’t have to do business alone!

I’ve heard him speak several times, and I always learn so much when I talk with Roberto! I’m thrilled to say that the same is true of listening to his podcast episodes.

Be sure to listen to the entire episode to grab the specific actions you can take to create business collaborations that I didn’t include in this quick recap Episode 036: Don’t Do Business Alone with Roberto Candelaria.

The Importance of Business Collaborations

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