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In Episode 37 of the Makers Mean Business Podcast, Parker runs through the topics he spoke about at the Wreath Makers Live conference. Parker shares some obvious and not-so-obvious things about editing video content that will help you grow your business! 

Hey, y’all! Parker here. In the last episode of the Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast, I invited Roberto Candelaria to share a recap of his talk at the Wreath Maker’s Live conference. If you didn’t catch that episode, catch up by listening to Episode 036: Don’t Do Business Alone with Roberto Candelaria because it’s one you do NOT want to miss! His tips have been instrumental in helping us grow our business into what it is.

I’m having these guests on the podcast in the same order as they spoke at the conference so that I don’t miss someone! Following that trend, the next person who spoke at the conference was…me! 

How Video Editing Helps Repurpose Your Content

The Importance Of Video Editing

As we were planning the conference and deciding on the topics that would be covered, Damon and I realized that video editing was a major topic that was lacking in our topic lineup. We couldn’t let that happen!

Y’all, video content is HUGE now for businesses. In fact, it’s bigger than ever which makes it essential that you learn how to make and edit videos for your audience.

In full disclosure, it was my first time speaking on a stage in front of a live group of people. I was definitely nervous, but I was also concerned that I wouldn’t have enough to talk about. As it turns out, it all worked out just fine! Check out today’s gem, Episode 37: Editing Video Content, the Content Graveyard, and Mental Health

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MMB Episode 37: How Video Editing Helps You Repurpose Content

Before I jumped into talking about video editing, I talked about mental health, and I want to touch on that here, too. Many people (not just small business owners) think that going to a counselor or getting help is hokey. 

I get it because I felt that way for a long time too. But, I reached a point where I needed help, and it has been the biggest help to me personally. I just want to encourage you to get help if you think it may be beneficial.

The Benefits Of Video Editing

Over the last few years, we’ve learned just how important videos are as content for our business, and we aren’t alone. Business owners everywhere are learning how to harness the power of video not just as a way to reach their audience, but also as an easy (and fast) way to turn one piece of content into 12+ pieces of content.

Talk about saving time!

We talked some about creating video content way back in episode 16, so if you’re interested in learning more, check it out.

The cool thing about editing video content is that it’s like working with string. You can do SO many different things with it. Check out what I mean by listening to the episode. 😉

If you aren’t yet editing video content, it’s something that can enhance your videos and make it easier for your audience to consume. That, in turn, will help your business grow – listen to the podcast to find out how!

Also, learn why video editing is helpful for keeping your awesome content from just landing in the content graveyard and basically disappearing forever.

Video Editing Course

Are you brand new to videos or ready to learn how to take your videos and edit them? You may find it helpful to take a course to make learning the technical aspects of the process easier.

Christine Jerry and I created an entire course on video content editing to show you all the technical pieces and walk you through the entire process. You can get access to that course at!

I hope you enjoyed this quick recap of the episode. Make sure you listen to it yourself to grab the tips and nuggets I wasn’t able to include here.

Additional Business Resources

We know we’re biased, but our podcast rocks (based on what listeners say!) But, we also offer many other helpful resources to help you become a successful Craftpreneur. Check out these other posts that we think you’ll find useful for helping to grow your business.

If you’re interested in working with us and learning even more about how to create or run and grow a successful business, check out our coaching options at Damon’s Business coaching.

The Importance of Video Editing

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