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You’ve probably heard countless times that you need a website to succeed or even to call yourself a business. That’s not true!

There are alternative strategies that can be just as effective, if not more so, in achieving your immediate business goals. Don’t let a website get in the way of moving forward. Too many entrepreneurs have given up before they’ve gotten started because they felt like a website was a non-negotiable.

There 3 main reasons why you don’t need a website and what you can do instead to attract your perfect customer and build a thriving community.

First of all, let’s be completely honest – building a website can be a time-consuming, expensive process. As a new business owner, your time and resources are limited, and you need to make every dollar and minute count.

3 reasons you don't need a website as a new business

3 Reasons You Don’t Need to Build a Website

I’m sure when you’ve done your research that you’ve found the message establish your online presence plastered everywhere. There are tons of alternatives to making that happen besides building your own website.

Growing your traffic is a long game strategy

Growing traffic to your website is a long game strategy and not an immediate solution to sales. It’s a great way to build brand and customer loyalty, but it takes time to see the results. You have to be consistent and committed in order to see consistent growth in your website visitors over time.

It takes at least 6-8 months to start seeing organic traffic results to your own website if you don’t have a pre-established community.

Solution: Establish an online community through social media

Instead, focus on building your brand through social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. With millions of active users, these platforms offer a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and engage with your customers.

We’ve seen countless Makers University members succeed by focusing on building a community this way.

Pick a platform that you’ll be active on, where you’ll post regularly, engage with the audience, and focus your marketing efforts. Notice I said a platform and not platforms. Too many solopreneurs try to tackle multiple platforms at once and get burnt out. They not only get overwhelmed, but they don’t “show up” 100% on any of them, rather they do so-so on all.

Trust is essential

When you’re first building a business, you MUST establish trust. That’s not something you can buy or create overnight. Trust comes from doing the right thing and building positive relationships with your customers. This takes time, but you can establish by building those relationships within your community on social media. Until then use credible platforms with built in audiences.

Solution: Borrow credibility through Etsy

Etsy has an established customer base, 89.4 million shoppers as of December 31, 2022 to be exact. Those shoppers trust the Etsy platform (according to Cision, PR Newswire). Trust is essential to sales!

You’ll have to work harder to build your own audience when you have a self-hosted website. When you hear other business owners talking about how hard it is to get their first sale, it’s because they don’t have an existing community to market to.

Get yourself started on an online selling platform aka e-commerce platform like Etsy or Amazon that has a built-in pool of customers. It’ll take the pressure of building credibility and trust when you’re first getting started.

Content and compliance

As a new business creating content is essential, but we don’t always have the time or resources to post on every single platform. A website requires consistent content whether it’s blog post or really fine tuned sales copy.

Consider a single page site versus a full website. Think of it like an online business card.

Also, owning your own website means being compliant to whole set of laws and regulations. There are required policies and disclaimers you’re required to have. To truly be compliant, you want to have policies that are drafted by an attorney to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Solution: Landing Pages

Landing pages are a single web page that has one goal. You can use landing pages to offer free resources, promote new products, or encourage sign-ups for your email newsletter.

These can be built out in programs like Canva or Mailerlite (or other email service providers). There’s no need to buy hosting plans or build a full website. These programs help you create them with templates and visual guides.

Building a Community of Perfect Customers

It’s important to understand who your perfect customer is and what their pain points are. By creating content and messaging that resonates with them, you can build a strong connection and establish trust.

Focus on providing solution-based value. Whether it’s through free resources, informative posts, or exceptional customer service, providing value is key to building a loyal following.

Be authentic and transparent. People want to support the person behind the business. In order to do that, they need to know, like, and trust you.

How to attract your perfect customer

To truly captivate your perfect customer, you must showcase your authenticity and provide incredible value, all while understanding their unique pain points. Crafting content that resonates with them is essential.

The best place to start is social media and not a website! Why? Because millions of people are on social media. In those millions are individuals who absolutely will become your customer. You just need to attract them through content like short form video, engaging posts, and helpful resources.

The power of an email list

How to Write an Engaging Email Newsletter to Your Subscribers

One of the most valuable assets in your business is an email list. By collecting email addresses from potential customers you can nurture those relationships over time and turn them into actual customers.

Algorithms change, search trends change, but we have much more control over our email list. But more importantly we have an opportunity to build real relationships through those connections.

Nurture that list with valuable content in your welcome sequences, newsletters, and updates.

No website? No worries!

While having a website may seem like the obvious choice for a new business looking to establish its online presence, it isn’t always necessary.

By utilizing alternative strategies such as social media, email marketing, and networking, you can effectively attract your perfect customer and grow your community without the added expense and maintenance of a website.

So don’t let the pressure of building a website hold you back from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Instead, focus on the creative and innovative ways you can connect with your audience and make your mark in the online space.

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