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Wreath storage – it’s something most people don’t talk about. Do you ever wonder how to properly store wreaths? Here are three top storage secrets you’ll want to know for storing wreaths, no matter how many you have.

Hey, y’all! Today, I want to talk about the secrets we use to store wreaths so they stay just the way you want them. Wreath storage can be tricky! 

For anyone who has several wreaths but doesn’t always have all of them on display at the same time, you need a way to safely store and protect your wreath.

And for you Craftpreneuers, I haven’t forgotten about you!

You need a way to store multiple wreaths while you’re waiting for people to purchase them from Etsy. Or, even while you’re building up inventory to take with you to your craft show.

Ever wonder how we store all of our wreaths (and believe me…we have a LOT!)? Today, I’m showing you three different wreath storage methods so that you can use the best method to fit your needs.

How to Properly Store Your Wreaths

How To Properly Store Wreaths

You may think that wreath storage simply involves hanging your wreaths in a closet or a storage room. However, there are a couple of tricks for storing wreaths so that they stay beautiful and cobweb-free!

Two Main Reasons to Use Good Wreath Storage Methods

There are a couple of main reasons why you would want to store your wreaths:

1. You have several wreaths at home that don’t get displayed all the time and you want to keep them free of dust, spiderwebs, and more.

2. You have wreaths that you are preparing for transport or shipping, so it’s important to store them in a way that protects all your hard work.

The last thing you want is for your beautiful handmade bows to get squashed! We like our bows to be fluffy and stay that way – here are three wreath storage methods for you to choose from.

Method 1: A Wreath Storage Box

Simple Wreath Storage

The first option for storing wreaths is in a wreath storage box. Depending on the size of the wreath, many wreaths will fit nicely into a simple but sturdy box.

Most deco mesh wreaths will fit into a box that’s 22”x22”x8. However, for grapevine wreaths, a box slightly larger than the width and the height of the finished wreath is what you need.

Y’all…the most important thing about storing a wreath in a box is to not smash the wreath by trying to “make it fit” into the box! It just doesn’t work, believe me.

I learned that one the hard way.

Correct Method for Storing a Wreath in a Wreath Storage Box: Step-by-Step

Follow these steps so that when you go to pull your wreath out of storage it looks just as beautiful as when you put it into storage!

Step 1: Place your wreath in a properly-sized box (see above).

Step 2: Secure your wreath by using two chenille ties (pipe cleaners). Take each pipe cleaner up through the bottom of the box and around the wire wreath frame. Twist to secure.

Step 3: Since you can’t see through the box when it’s closed, make sure you label the outside of the box with a brief description of the contents. 

Examples of how to label the box could include:

Don’t skip this step or you’ll be spending time digging through all your boxes!

Note: If you have multiples of certain types of wreaths (maybe you have three holiday wreaths), include that in your description. For example: Christmas Front Door Wreath, Santa Wreath, or Snowman Burlap Wreath.

Method 2: The Clear Trash Liner Method

The clear trash liner method provides an excellent alternative to spending money on wreath storage containers.

For this method, you want to purchase a couple of inexpensive, but essential items: 

  1. Extra-large (55 gallon), CLEAR trash liners. We get ours at Home Depot, but you can also find them on Amazon
  2. Plastic hangers with extra tall necks. You can find hooks like this on Amazon or stores like Walmart or Target.

How to Store a Wreath in a Clear Trash Liner: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Take your mesh wreath and your plastic hanger…insert the “hook” of the hanger through the top rail of the wire wreath frame.

NOTE: At this point, you should be able to hold your wreath by the hanger hook and not have your wreath crash to the floor.

Step 2: Take the sealed edge of the plastic bag and hold it at the top (that is the top of your wreath cover). Next, cut a small hole in the top of your bag. The hole should be as close to the center of the bag as possible.

Step 3: Pull the hook of the hanger through the hole you just cut.

Step 4: Pull the plastic bag down around your wreath to cover your entire wreath.

Step 5: The open end of the bag is down below your wreath. Grab all the sides of your plastic bag at the open end. Then, tie a knot to seal up the bag and protect your wreath.

Step 6: Hang your protected wreath on a closet rod or a grid wall.

NOTE: An alternative to the hanger in the method above is to use a shower hook instead of a hanger. Follow all the other steps as written above.

Method 3: Custom Built Rolling Storage Racks

The previous two methods work well and have their place. However, as shown above, our favorite way to store wreaths are on DIY Storage Racks.

These were simple to put together, have wheels for easy moving, and actually work great for craft shows, booths, and transporting to and from craft shows.

Here is what you would need to build these guys:

  • The frame, wheels, and base are sold as a complete unit and are called Z-Racks
  • The part that the wreaths hang on are simple Closet Racks turned vertically and zip tied into place
  • We opted to spray paint the entire rack black for aesthetics
  • Simple shower hooks or carabiners can be used to attach wreaths onto the racks

This frame setup has been a great simple way to not only store but also transport wreaths. Check out the quick video below and I’ll show you guys how we have it set up!

Tip For Storing Lots of Wreaths For Craftpreneurs

If you have lots of wreaths to store (for example, you’re building up inventory for a show and need more space)…try this.

Instead of using a closet rod for hanging your wreaths, one alternative option would be to hang a long rod or thick, strong wire across a room or in your garage so you can hang even more wreaths at a time.

You can even get one of those clothes hanger wracks for your car’s backseat and transport items that way.

Wreath Storage Final Thoughts

There you go, y’all! No matter the reason for needing to store your wreaths, these three different methods have you completely covered.

I like these methods because they are not only highly effective but also adaptable to different situations and needs.

Simple Methods for Storing Your Wreaths

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