Y’all, you can make this vintage Santa wreath in 30 minutes. He would round out any throwback style Christmas decor, right?! We’re picturing Rudolf, candy canes, and elves all in their plastic glory hanging out on the front lawn, while our Santa here greets all your guests at the front door. I mean look at that grin!

There’s a video tutorial to boot, we like making things as simple as possible. So enjoy!

DIY Vintage Santa Wreath

How to Make a Vintage Santa Wreath

You know we love working with deco mesh! There are so many techniques from the minimal fray ruffle to poof and ruffle. Do you have a favorite?

Supply List:

Optional Items:


Directions: (Watch Video for more details)

  1. Attach 4 pipe cleaners around the back edge of the Santa face.
  2. Attach Santa Face to the center of the 15-24″ work frame
  3. Cut your 10″ snow ball mesh into 30″ strips – you need 18 of them total. (You need one per twist tie on your work frame)
  4. Take each piece of 30″ mesh, lay it flat, and scrunch up start from the cut edge to the other. It should look like a giant ruffle/bow tie in your hand.
  5. Add the 30″ ruffle into each twist tie on the work frame
  6. attach two pipe cleaners to each side of your Santa hat and secure it onto the top of your wreath – I prefer mine at an angle.
  7. (Optional) take your deco mesh tubing and cut 18 strips that are 24″ long.
  8. (Optional) Make a bow tie with the tubing and add it into each twist

The fun doesn’t stop with just Santa.. Check out all of the cute faces available from Out in the Country Blanks & More:

DIY Vintage Santa Wreath


Have you made a wreath with one of the faces from Out In The Country Blanks & More? If so.. I’d love to see it!!

If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out ourΒ Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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