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Do you love classic Christmas decor? Start gathering your wreath making supplies because this video tutorial with written instructions is going to be a fun one.

This tutorial was created by Jacquelyn Koch from The Fancy Front Door, you might also know her as Coach Fancy from The Makers University.

Christmas décor is a tradition that has been around for centuries. The classic holiday look includes wreaths, garland, and sparkling lights.

full Christmas wreath with cardinals, flocked elements, and greenery.

At we’ve got loads of tips and tricks to make perfect holiday wreaths that will bring your Christmas decor to life! From traditional evergreen wreaths with pinecones and baubles, to modern takes on the classic style, there’s something for everyone when it comes to making the perfect Christmas wreath.

Make Your Own Classic Christmas Decor

Making your own Christmas decorations can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You can have fun creating something truly unique and special for your holiday decorating needs!

We love seeing all the amazing creations our readers come up with! Don’t be afraid to get creative this year – take inspiration from some of our blog posts or use other sources like Pinterest for ideas on how to make unique wreaths that will add a special touch this holiday season.

With just a few simple materials you can create beautiful decorations that will last year after year – so get busy crafting those perfect pieces of classic Christmas décor now!

DIY Classic Christmas Wreath


  • Pair of scissors
  • Wire or stem cutter
  • Hot glue gun or pot
  • mesh cutter


full Christmas wreath with cardinals, flocked elements, and greenery.
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Classic Christmas Wreath

Love a classic wintery Christmas wreath? This simple design is perfect!


  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Wire or stem cutter
  • 1 Hot glue gun or pot


Prep your base.

  • Start with a round workform wreath and cut one side.
  • Add the workform wreath to a round grapevine wreath base using a zip tie.
  • Take 4 types of mesh and cut 3 x 20” pieces of each.
  • Take the mesh and make cruffles by curling in the edges and pinching the middle together.
  • Add the cruffles to the wreath, alternating colors as you go.

Add in your greenery and picks.

  • Add in some Christmas pine picks between the mesh using glue.
  • Add in a few snowflake sprays and picks to the wreath.

Make and add your bow.

  • Take 1 ribbon and make a half bow with 4 loops.
  • Secure the bow with a zip tie.
  • Add your bow to the top left of the wreath.
  • Dovetail the ends.

Add your decorations.

  • Add your bird pick to the center of the bow.
  • Add a second bird pick to the right of the wreath.

Make and add your ribbon tails.

  • Take 1 ribbon and cut a few pieces making ribbon tails.
  • Add the ribbon tails around the wreath.
  • Dovetail the ends.


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