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It’s always funny to look back on some of your older videos. We pulled this out of the vault, and still love this DIY Valentine’s Wreath!

We used a wooden pup sign in this tutorial, which we secured to the wreath using stapled pipe cleaners. For more ways to secure attachments, check out this post “How to Attach Wreath Signs.”

How to Make a Valentine's Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Wreath Tutorial

If you’re a fellow craftpreneur, it’s that time to get your Valentine’s Day crafts out on the work table. Prepping for the upcoming seasons will give you a huge advantage as you get your products listed and ready for sale.

Supply List for this Valentine’s Day Wreath:


Valentine’s Day Wreath Instructions:

  1. Cut your 10″ deco mesh into (18) 30″ strips.
  2. Roll each end inward to form a ruffle.
  3. Attach to wreath form using the twist ties.
  4. Cut 28″, 26″ and 24″ dovetails as needed
  5. Use the wreath form ties to secure your dovetails.
  6. Cut 14″ ribbon tails to balance of the bottom of the wreath.
  7. Use the wreath form ties to secure your ribbon tails.


valentine's day wreath video tutorial

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