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From doors to windows and everything in between, wreaths are a great festive addition to any surface in the house. I’m also including some tips for presenting your wreaths in craft show displays to draw in buyers. This quick guide will show you how to display wreaths whether you are at home or at a craft fair.

Hey, Y’all! Wreaths make a statement. Wreaths create an ambiance. Plus, they’re just pretty! We make wreaths because they bring joy to people and are fun to show off, so don’t let your hard work go to waste. Make sure you display them proudly and get maximum impact.

You created this thing of beauty, right? Let people see it, y’all!

With so many opportunities to display wreaths in decorating (or at craft shows), today we are going to focus on how to display wreaths in ways that really highlight them.

How to Display Wreaths at Home


How to Display Wreaths At Home

The possibilities for decorating with wreaths indoors are nearly endless. With a little creativity, you can tastefully display wreaths almost anywhere in your home. Here are 13 different ideas for displaying your handmade wreaths.

1. Front door

This is probably the most obvious place for many people. The front door is the first thing that people see as they walk into your home. You can (and should) definitely add a unique handmade wreath here.

2. Above The Mantle

Above the mantel is another classic wreath hanging space. Don’t hesitate to go big and bold with a fireplace wreath, or to arrange several smaller wreaths together here.

How to Display Wreaths at Home Besides the Front Door

3. On a Blank Wall 

What if there is no mantel? Not a problem! Use a blank wall and hang a large wall wreath or create an attractive arrangement by grouping several smaller wreaths together. No need to put holes in your wall, either, y’all! Command hooks work wonders!

4. In Front Of A Mirror

Most homes have a mirror above the fireplace or hanging on a wall. And more often than not, homeowners don’t know what to do to jazz them up so they just sit there. 

Fill the empty reflective space with a beautiful wreath that catches the eye. 

5. Mini Wreaths On The Backs Of Dining Table Chairs 

I love this idea! Use some festive or colorful ribbon that complements your wreaths to tie them over the back of your dining chairs. This is especially fun to do around holidays when you are hosting get-togethers. 

6. In A Window (Or Several Side-By-Side Windows) 

Most people don’t even think about putting a wreath in a window, but it can be a very attractive way to display a wreath (or several wreaths if you have multiple windows next to each other).

Play around with different sizes and styles until you find what you like. 

7. On A Mounted Animal Head

This idea showcases your mounted animal head in a whole new way. Personally, I like the faux animals more than the real ones, and I like to dress up the space where they are hanging at a bit. 

8. In A Chandelier

Take your wreath and turn it horizontal. Then add it to your chandelier. Finish it off with some ribbon or hanging ornaments to complete the look.

9. Table Centerpiece

A classic, elegant look. Use a wreath as a centerpiece on your table and add candles or other decorations inside of it to fill the empty space.

10. Around A Wall Clock 

Hang your wreath around the clock to create a festive and beautiful focal point that keeps the functionality of the clock intact while adding a decorative touch.

11. Accent The Stairway  

The stairway is the perfect place to add a decorative touch. Use small wreaths that will fit on the railing (or just beneath) in quantities of 3 or 5. Odd numbers of similar items are more visually appealing.

12. Above Bedroom Headboards

Instead of a painting or photograph, display a unique wreath above the bed for a gorgeous focal point. This is an easy way to jazz up your room for the season or decorate for the holidays. 

13. Dining Hutch 

Place a wreath or two over your dining hutch doors or on the sides of your hutch. Find the perfect ribbons and complement the space. You’d be surprised at how much a ribbon can convey!

How To Display Your Wreaths To Sell At A Craft Show

Now for the Craftpreneurs…

I stressed for 2 years over wreath craft show displays! I bought tons of products and checked out how other people were doing theirs.  Not only did I waste tons of time, but I also wasted money and energy only to realize that a good display is important, but it’s not the MOST important thing, y’all!

Wreath displays at craft shows don’t need to look like a storefront. Your displays need to showcase the greatest amount of product that you can possibly fit into the area of your booth. 

That’s it. Keep it simple.

Make sure enough of your best-sellers are visible and right in front of the window shoppers’ eyes so they’re drawn into your booth.


Deann Mimi Moklers - Displaying your product

display by Deann M. – featured in The Nitty Gritty of selling at Craft Fairs


Wreath Display Stand Tips

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from experience to help you maximize your craft show displays!

  • Use tables & chairs. Cover the tables with quality table cloths that drape down, and use the underneath for storage.
  • Display your items using multi-levels. Take advantage of different heights for even more space.
  • Your booth should be full…but not so full that your eye doesn’t know where to look.  
  • Bring enough items to restock as needed. That doesn’t mean everyone needs to see your full stash, though. Store them out of sight (underneath the tables) until you need them.
  • Have towers or displays and use both sides of the tent to hang items. Using a grid wall with S hooks to hang wreaths is a simple but effective method.

As you can see, there are so many great ways to display wreaths both at home and at craft fairs. After all the hard work you put into creating your product, make sure to show it off as much as possible!

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