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On today’s podcast Damon, chats with Mellie Mel of  Sincerely Creative Mom. Mellie Mel is one of the coaches in our Creative group and she has lots of insights to share with you!

Hey, Y’all! We are back with another episode of the Makes Mean Business podcast. In Episode 15, Damon sits down with our good friend and fellow coach, Mellie Mel! Those of you who have been with us for awhile know Melissa well and it is so much fun to share our chat with you. You get to hear about her journey as a maker and a mother and how those go hand in hand for her.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 015 - Tips for Starting Out in Your Business with Guest Mellie Mel

Before we dive into today’s episode, be sure to check out our other episodes of Makes Mean Business podcast. There is so much useful information packed into these episodes and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

In the last episode, MMB Ep 14, Parker and Christine Jerry of The Virtual Collab gave us a great introduction to SEO. SEO is such an important of online business, and this episode gives you easy to understand instruction and actionable steps to take. If you missed it, make sure to check back and listen to Episode 14!

MMB Podcast Ep 15: Interview with Mellie Mel

We are so excited for you to hear about Mellie Mel’s experience as a Maker. You will likely find part of her story that you can identify with. Melissa not only has a thriving online business, she also has experience selling her creations in brick and mortar stores. She has also been able to successfully balance running her business while being a full time mom (is there really any other kind of mom?) to her two young children. Melissa also shares her struggle with battling impostor syndrome. If you are in that boat and want to learn more about fighting impostor syndrome check out our post for helpful tips.

The Important Takeaways

When you listen to this episode you will get lots of useful information from Melissa but here’s a glimpse of some of the important topics she covers:

  • Tips for starting out in your business.
  • How to partner with local boutiques.
  • How to battle impostor syndrome.
  • How being a Maker changed her life.

The Wrap Up

When you listen to Melissa you can’t help but feel her energy! She has a bubbly personality and her happiness is contagious. If nothing else her interview is sure to make you smile. But, she also has lots of valuable insights to share about how to turn your love of crafting into a successful business. You can even check out her e-book on how to host wreath classes in-person.

Mellie Mel also proves that you don’t have to be left or right brained! She was a number cruncher in her past life and is also a fabulous crafter. If you watch her work you can see her attention to detail and analytic prowess. And she does it all while giggling along with her fellow makers!

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 15: Important Tips when Starting your Business Special Guest: Mellie Mel, Sincerely Creative Mom

Up Next

Our next episode is packed full of awesome information y’all! In Episode 16, Parker gives you the dish on creating quality content, especially video content. He covers the logistics like good sound and video quality as well as how to create content that your audience wants to engage with.  Keep checking back for new Makers Mean Business podcasts!

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