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In this episode, Parker talks with our friend, Joy, about selling digital products. Joy has a super successful business and doesn’t have to worry about shipping. That’s a huge win!

All right y’all, we just broke 30 episodes of the Makes Mean Business podcast, and we are really excited! Today’s episode is another great one. Parker chats with Joy from Alphalicious Designs about marketing and selling digital products. Joy started her business selling embroidery and applique pieces for people who then add them to clothing and other items. As her family grew, however, the shipping aspect of her business became too much and she made the switch to digital. I have to say that I’m a little bit jealous!

MMB Podcast Ep. 31 - Selling Digital Products

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MMB Ep 31: Selling Digital Products

We really strive to bring you a variety of business information on our podcast y’all. We are all makers but that takes different forms for different people. Today’s interview with Joy shows a different side of online business: selling digital products. Joy doesn’t sell a physical product but SVG files that people can purchase and download. This is so great for Joy because she can make a product once and then sell that same product over and over again. Another big win!

This interview with Joy is very insightful, you’ll learn a lot when you listen to it but here are some of the important topics we cover:

The Important Takeaways

  • The resources you need to get started in online business.
  • The importance of educating and investing in yourself.
  • The importance of operating your business the right way right from the outset.
  • How to build your business in the online space.


Joy has a successful six figure business that is entirely digital. She loves what she does and what being a maker allows her to be a part of. Joy says that she really enjoys being a part of other people’s business growth. She designs a product that allows other people to create their products. Another big win! Joy has become successful because she has built a solid community of customers. If you want to learn more about building your own customer base, we have a post for that too!

Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep. 31 - Tips for Selling Digital Products

Up Next

On our next episode Parker is doing a recap of our first 31 episodes! We are so excited that we have made it to this milestone and really appreciate that y’all have come along for the ride. We hope you are getting a lot out of the podcasts! We are doing this because we want to see you be successful and achieve your business dreams. Check out Episode 32 to see what you may have missed or want to return to!

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