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In order to increase your sales, you need to increase your website traffic. Bringing your perfect person to your store to see your products is the key to making more sales. Read on to learn how.

Hey, y’all! We are having such a good time with our new Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast! Today, we have Episode 8: How to Increase Website Traffic to Increase Sales.

Makers Mean Business Episode 008: Using Your Perfect Person to Increase Traffic & Sales

Our previous episode was all about how to sell on Etsy, and our guest, Lauren Kilgore, shared some really valuable tips for setting up a successful Etsy shop. If you haven’t listened yet, check it out!

After we chatted with Lauren, I started thinking about website traffic and the relationship between increased website traffic and increased sales.

It’s true that increased website traffic and increased sales have a positive correlation. But, I feel the need to add a condition to that statement:

Increased website traffic and increased sales have a positive correlation as long as you are talking to your perfect person.

Quickly, before we jump into talking about increasing site traffic, don’t forget to catch our other MMB podcast episodes:

It’s Simple Math: Increase Website Traffic to Increase Sales

Ok, math time. Let me give you a simple formula to help you figure out how much traffic you really need in order to reach your sales goals.

Generally speaking, one to two percent of your perfect people should buy your product. In other words, if you drive 100 perfect people to your site or shop, then 1 or 2 of those people should buy your product or services.

Then you can use this formula to work backward in order to determine how much traffic you need to make the number of sales you want.

For example:

# of sales / 0.01 = the amount of traffic.

Now, let’s use real numbers:

If you want to make 1 sale per day for the month of July, you need to make 31 sales. 31 divided by 0.01 equals 3100. So you need to bring in about 3100 people to see your products or services in July to make 31 sales.

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Growing Your Site Traffic For Free

Ok, now that we have the math out of the way, it’s time to find out how to drive more traffic to your website or shop for free. That’s right – without spending a dime.

Rule #1: Know Your Perfect Person

Your perfect person is your ideal customer and, really, the entire foundation of your business.

If you aren’t sure who your perfect person is, we created a training to help you figure that out.

Rule #2: Talk to One Perfect Person

When you write your sales pages…your social media updates…anything, you want to direct it all to one person: your perfect person. If your content speaks directly to your perfect person, then they won’t be able to resist commenting and engaging with your content.

Facebook’s algorithm will show your content to more of your perfect people once it realizes that people like and engage with your content. That’s free traffic!

Types of Content You Need to Helps Increase Site Traffic and Sales

Now that you know about your perfect person and the need to focus on them, it’s time to talk about the three types of content that attract your perfect person. I like to call them the “3 E’s”:

Event-Based Content

This is content that is built out around calendar dates. Examples can be seasonal and holiday periods (spring, Christmas, etc). Generate traffic and sales based on trends and dates.

If you don’t already have our planner with the dates and when you should be working on different events yet, grab it here.

Engaging Content

Your goal with this type of content is to always create consistent brand awareness and interaction with your customers. This is the type of content that will drive the most free traffic to your site.

Listen to Episode 8 of the MMB podcast to grab my 4 mini tips for creating engaging content!

Educational Content

The goal of educational content is to give value, build trust, and build loyalty with your people.

Bottom Line: When you create content, don’t think about you, your sales, or your product. Instead, focus 100% of your time and energy on solving a problem your customer has. That’s when you’ll see results.

When you regularly use these 3 types of content and gear it specifically for your perfect person, you will not only increase traffic to your site but also increase sales!

Makers Mean Business Episode 8: Increase Traffic and Sales with you Perfect Person

Final Thoughts on Increasing Website Traffic and Sales

There is a direct and positive correlation between increasing site traffic and increasing sales. Find ways to increase your traffic for free using the tips from today’s podcast episode.

Listen to the podcast to learn even more, including:

  • My four mini tips for creating engaging content
  • How to great product posts that will attract customers

If you need help with your online business join us in our business coaching group by clicking here.

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