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Today we’re talking about tips for growing a business from Kari Gustafson the owner of Hot Mesh Mom. Between finding a business coach and her other tips, the words of experienced wisdom in this episode will help you grow your business.

Hey, Y’all! We are now 4 episodes into our brand new podcast, Makers Mean Business, and we couldn’t be more excited for today’s episode. MMB is designed to help you with your Craftpreneur business by giving you bite-sized gems of wisdom and experience that you can take and use as you build and grow your own business.

getting a business coach and tips for growing

When we were thinking about creating a business podcast, we noticed that there are a plethora of podcasters out there talking shop. Unfortunately, there weren’t many who focus on helping people who offer craft-based services or create handmade products.

As a result, there are possibly thousands (or more!) of small business owners who need more valuable content that relates to them. Content that teaches them how to take their hobby or their passion and turn it into a business that allows them to live their dream of a maker life full time.

That’s when we just knew that the Makers Mean Business podcast would be so helpful for wreath makers and other Craftpreneurs who need some guidance.

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MMB Episode 4: Kari Gustafson From Hot Mesh Mom

We are excited to showcase Kari Gustafson today. The creator of Hot Mesh Mom has been a member of our coaching group since the beginning, and her business has seen some amazing changes. She and her husband were both able to leave their corporate jobs and now live the maker life full time.

Hot Mesh Mom creates wood planks and wreath rails for wreath makers and crafters. Don’t know what a wreath rail is? I wasn’t sure at first, either.

A wreath rail is a new product that upgrades what wreath makers currently use to take a door hanger and attach your ribbon, mesh, florals, etc to create and wreath and door hanger in one piece.

And it’s a huge time-saver!

Kari wanted something that she and her husband could do together, and they found it. In the 3 years since they opened their doors, they have grown by leaps and bounds. Listen to the episode yourself to hear about the new big steps they are taking now!

Challenges and Insights Learned From Growing a Business

We don’t want to spill the whole episode here because you would miss out on some real gems from Kari herself. Instead, here a sneak peek!

Like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, starting and growing her business hasn’t been an easy process. There have been bumps in the road and mountains to climb.

I think some of the most insightful things that Kari talks about are:

  • Who her influencers are and how she chooses them (Reveal: they change over time!).
  • Mindset changes that happen when leaving the corporate world to becoming a full-time maker
  • Overcoming fears and imposter syndrome
  • Her biggest wins with having a growing business

female entrepreneur Kari Gustafson - The greatest tip I can give is get a business coach if you want to invest in your business. And take this serious and actually do something.

Finding a Business Coach + Other Tips for Growing a Business

Kari gives her top 3 tips for growing a small business.

Here they are:

  • Get a business coach (as a long-time member of our coaching program, she has seen its benefits first hand).
  • Just do it.
  • Adapt.

Kari is so down to earth and relatable; I had a blast talking with her and appreciate the time she took to share with us. Check out one of her newest offerings: the Wreath Rail Club. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Kari and her husband as their business continues to grow.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about her tips, struggles, successes, and what in store next for Hot Mesh Mom. You’re gonna love it!

Where Can You Listen to and Subscribe to the Makers Mean Business Podcast?

Makers Mean Business podcast is available on these platforms:

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform. We will release a new episode every Monday!

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