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In today’s podcast, Damon talks with maker, Andrea Brown, about how to let making bring you joy. For most of us, we got into crafting because we love it. Andrea shares the importance of remembering that on the days when things are rough.  

Hey, Y’all! Episode 9 of Makers Mean Business is all about choosing joy in the face of adversity. Our friend, Andrea Brown of Ranch House Wreaths and More, joins us to talk about her journey as a maker. Andrea has been a maker for 40 years, and she shares her story of love, loss, and crafting through it all. Andrea also talks about the importance of staying current in your business and your niche. Whether you have been a craftpreneur for years or are just starting out, Andrea has some great pearls of wisdom to share.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 9: Let Making Bring You Joy

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On the last episode, MMB Ep 8, we talked about how to identify your perfect person and use that person to drive your traffic and sales. Your perfect person should be the foundation of your business and we explain why. If you missed our tips on how to let your perfect person guide your business content, be sure to listen back to Episode 8!

MMB Episode 9: Let Making Bring You Joy with Andrea Brown

Andrea is known as “The Queen of Joy” for good reason. She uses her making talent and her life experiences to find joy and to share it with others. While sharing her story, Andrea lets us in on some of what has worked for her and what hasn’t. She reminds us that, to grow as people and business owners, we have to continue to step out of our comfort zones. Andrea also talks about how embracing technology is a must when it comes to running your own making business. If you want to learn more about things like finding and engaging your target audience on social media we have a whole blog post to help you with that.

The Important Takeaways

You will hear a lot of great inspiration from Andrea when you listen to the episode but here’s a glimpse of some of the important topics she covers:

  • Her top three tips for those just starting out in business.
  • Her biggest business obstacles and how to overcome them.
  • The importance of continuing to do what you love.
  • Ways to find and embrace joy in your business and your life.

The Wrap Up

One of our goals with this podcast is to bring you guests from all different backgrounds and skill sets. We want to offer this variety so that you can see how being a maker has meant different things to different people. Our hope is that, with each guest, you will find something in their story that resonates with you. We want you to find encouragement and motivation to help you in your business.

Andrea’s maker story is a great example of how you can take what you love to do and turn it into a thriving business. She tells us how she did it and what she has learned along the way. To learn more about how to get started in the wreath making business, check out our post, wreath making for beginners! And enjoy this episode, we know that you will find something in Andrea’s story that will help you with yours! And remember, let making bring you joy!

Podcast Episode 009: How Being a Maker Can Bring You Joy

Up Next

We hope you get a lot out of these episodes, and we are really excited about the next one! In Episode 10, we chat with Warren Carlyle about building a community on Instagram. He has some great insights and amazing tips to help you build and engage with your Instagram community. Keep checking back for new Makers Mean Business podcasts!

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