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Today on the podcast, Damon talks with Tamara Bennett of Southern A-door-nments Decor about the importance of community over competition and always being yourself.

Hey, Y’all! We are back with another episode of the Makes Mean Business podcast. In Episode 17, Damon chats with Tamara Bennett. Tamara teaches makers how to paint and sell door hangers. She is a maker and successful business owner and she shares what has worked for her in building and maintaining her business.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Ep. 17 - Community over Competition

Before we dive into today’s episode, be sure to check out our other episodes of Makes Mean Business podcast. There is so much useful information packed into these episodes and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

In the last episode, MMB Ep 16, Parker talks all about how to create quality video content. He covers the logistics like video and audio quality but also dives in to producing content that your customers want to engage with. If you missed it, make sure to listen back to Episode 16!

 MMB Podcast Ep 17: Community over Competition with Tamara Bennett

This episode with Tamara is full of great advice and inspiration. Tamara shares what being a maker has meant to her as well as the things that have helped her to be the most successful. She really stresses that being part of a supportive group of makers within your niche is far more helpful than being competitors. Tamara reminds us that there is plenty to go around and that learning from each other and supporting each other helps all of us to succeed. It also helps us to be the best that we can be for our customers.

The Important Takeaways

When you listen to this episode you will get lots of useful information from Melissa but here’s a glimpse of some of the important topics she covers:

  • The importance of being authentically you.
  • Why building your email list is a must.
  • Why you need to show your face and not just your products.
  • The benefits of accountability groups.

The Wrap Up

When you listen to this episode you will fell how authentic Tamara is. What you see is what you get and that is one of her core values. In the online maker’s world we are our biggest product. People don’t want to interact with or buy from a person they don’t trust or empathize with. Tamara’s message is to just be your own quirky self and the right people will find you. If you want to learn more about identifying and targeting your perfect audience, we have a post for that too!

You’ll also hear Tamara explain how important having the right support system is. Often our close friends and family are our biggest cheerleaders but it is also important to have people from the online business role to lean on. Our wish for y’all is that you find those people who will lift you up and help you on!

MMB Podcast Episode 017 - The Importance of Community over Competition

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