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Learn how to organize ribbon so you (and your craft room) can stay clean and organized. These ribbon organization tips will not only help keep everything neat but also makes crafting so much easier and accessible!

Learn Tips on Organizing Your Ribbons

Hey, y’all! When you’re running a business, especially a craft business, it’s essential to keep your tools and supplies organized so that you don’t waste time searching for the things you need as you craft.

Today, Coach Mellie Mel is with us to share some super helpful ribbon organization and ribbon storage ideas that will change how you store your ribbon collection! Without further ado, I’ll hand it off to Mel…

Hey guys! I’m excited to show you some effective ideas on how to organize ribbon.

Just like every crafter does, we start off with a few rolls of ribbon, and before we know it…BOOM! We have enough to fill an entire closet. It always amazes me how quickly we can go from just a couple of rolls of ribbon to multiple totes full of ribbon! 

Once we accumulate that much, it becomes nearly impossible to find the ribbon we want.

Have you ever had a ribbon that you wanted to use for a project and couldn’t find it? You just KNOW it’s in one of those bins somewhere, but after spending way too much time searching without luck, you give up and grab another ribbon instead.

When it comes to your business, that wasted time is like money going out the door.

Wasting time searching in vain stops now! Learn how to organize ribbon effectively with these tips.

Top Ribbon Organization Tips For Your Crafting Room

Try these proven tips to organize your ribbon!

Organize Ribbon So You Can Clearly See Your Inventory

Personally I like to be able to see all of my ribbon at all times. I have found that if I am not able to see all of them at a glance, I tend to forget what I have.

That leads to:

  • Buying the same things (because I think it’s super cute) again.
  • Or, buying too much in general because I don’t know how much I actually have in stock.

Here’s how I organize my ribbon!

I have an entire wall of ribbon racks set up to store ribbon and use the white wire closet shelving racks that can be purchased from Home Depot, Lowes, or even Amazon.

This method does take up a lot of wall space, but it allows for quick and easy ribbon choices when selecting materials for a design.

I have found that this system works really well, allowing me to stack spools of ribbon on top of each other to see all the colors and patterns I have. The catch is that I use these ONLY for my 10-yard rolls. 

The 50-yard rolls are much heavier and tend to take up a lot of room, so I stack those on black plastic shelving because they are more sturdy and can handle the weight. 

Group Ribbons By Season and Color

Also, organizing ribbon according to the season and color allows for a quicker selection when crafting or making my favorite wreaths (like this Ribbon Tail Mardi Gras Wreath).

Keeping seasonal ribbon together should definitely be a priority. I actually take it one step further and try to group all the red and white ribbon together and all the solids together within the grouping. 

For example, all the red ribbon is grouped together and all the red and white ribbon is in the red section but grouped together separately from the solid red ribbon.

I keep all the patterns and themed ribbons (ladybugs, bees, baby, summer, etc.) grouped together but separately from the color ribbon. 

So basically, I group solids together and within those solids, I include any ribbon that has that solid color with white. Then separate from the solids, I group seasonal, themed, and patterned ribbons together.

pastel colored ribbon with assorted patterns

Store Duplicates Somewhere Else

If you have duplicate 10-yard rolls, you may opt to store them separately (for example, in plastic totes) so that they are not taking up valuable real estate on the shelves. 

Just don’t forget you have them and remember to check them before doing any shopping trips! 

orange yellow and blue ribbons on shelves

How To Store Ribbon In A Small Space

If you don’t have the room to store ALL of your ribbons so that you can see what you have at a glance, I would suggest using clear plastic totes for your ribbon organization. 

They will make it possible for you to still see what you have on hand very quickly without too much digging or unstacking all the totes.

I know how some of you get with the ribbon hoarding, so make it as easy as possible to see in the totes for a quick inventory check. 😉

plaid ribbon star ribbon animal print ribbon

Ribbon Storage Ideas

What if you don’t have a giant ribbon supply (yet) or if having a wall of shelves doesn’t work for you? Well, I have a few other ribbon organization and storage options that I’ve tried while I was building up my stash.

You could try using:

  • Shoe racks – There are tall ribbon racks that can be used to store ribbon.
  • Bookshelf – I totally did this in the beginning, just looking for any space to hold the ribbon.
  • Cubical storage – You can find various versions at Ikea, Target, Walmart, and more. Personally, this only worked for a short time, and now I use those cubbies to store signs and mesh.
  • An old hutch – This was super cute but not very practical. I just used what I could until I made available wall space for the wire racks.

I hope these ribbon organization tips help you get your ribbon supply under control! Remember, time is money when you’re designing for your business, so it’s important to set up a system that allows you to make decisions as quickly as possible and eliminate wasted time searching for items.

Going Beyond Ribbon Organization

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Tips for Organizing Your Ribbons
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