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Make this easy deco mesh and ribbon tail Mardi Gras wreath! This simple tutorial will lead you through the entire process so you end up with a beautiful final product to proudly display or add to your shop inventory.

Hey, y’all! As soon as we finish our holiday season inventory, we begin working on Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day inventory.

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Can you believe Mardi Gras is coming around the corner? Mardi Gras wreaths are so much fun to make – and display! And today’s wreath design is no exception.

In fact, this voluminous wreath screams Mardi Gras with all the elaborate gold, purple, and green! It’s perfect for displaying on your own front door or for selling so others can display it on theirs.

If you’re looking to make a few different Mardi Gras designs, check out our Mardi Gras Wreath With Mesh And A Mask and Mardi Gras Wreath With A Fleur De Lis.

How to Make a Mardi Gras Wreath in No Time

Making Wreaths For Mardi Gras

Now, if you don’t live in or around New Orleans, you may not realize just how big of a holiday Mardi Gras is in Louisiana.

Mardi Gras is so big that it’s the #1 holiday for DecoExchange wreath orders.

I’m not joking! We sell more Mardi Gras wreaths than we do for any other holiday. Yep, more Mardi Gras wreath sales come in than sales for Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, and even Christmas.

If you’re starting to build a wreath-making business, definitely save this deco mesh Mardi Gras wreath tutorial and pull it out when you’re ready to fill up your inventory.

As a reminder, you ideally want to start building your inventory about 2 months before the holiday you’re targeting because your customers will be starting to look for products that far in advance.

Video Tutorial

For those who learn best from watching a tutorial, we made you a little video!

Oh, before I forget, we do mention a Mardi Gras kit in the video, but they are all sold out, friends!

How To Make A Mardi Gras Wreath With Deco Mesh And Ribbon Tails

Just in case you missed any part of the video, we’re including the directions here, too, so you can read and/or print them out.

Supplies Needed

Here is what you’ll need to make this fun and festive holiday wreath.

DIY Mardi Gras Wreath Instructions

Just in case you missed a step or two in the video – or didn’t watch it – use this step-by-step guide to lead you through the process of making this festive wreath.

Note: This design uses a slightly wider attachment than some of our other looks, so it balances perfectly with the ribbon tails and deco mesh ruffles.

Step 1

Take your wreath form and fluff it out.

Step 2

Superglue (4) 1″ mounting squares to the back of the wreath sign.

Step 3

Allow them time to dry while you start assembling the rest of the wreath.

Step 4

Time to make a ruffle! Take the two ends of a mesh strip and curl them inward a couple of times and then scrunch them down the middle. Repeat.

Step 5

Attach the ruffles to the wreath frame as tightly as possible as you alternate between the two patterns.

Step 6

Let’s make some ribbon tails!

Cut 2.5″ ribbon into (18) 14″ strips and dovetail the ends.

Cut 1.5″ ribbon into (36) 14″ strips and dovetail the ends.

Step 7

Layer (2) 1.5″ ribbon strips on top of (1) 2.5″ ribbon strip and add to one of the wreath ties. Fan out your ribbon tails to make it look nice and full.

Step 8

Add a wreath sign by securing it with pipe cleaners.

Step 9

Use your EZ Bow Maker and make a bow that you’ll use to finish off this wreath.

Using the 2.5″ ribbon, create (2) 12″ tails and (2) 6″ loops.

Take the 1.5″ ribbon and make (2) 12″ tails and (2) 6″ loops.

Add one center loop.

Attach your bow using pipe cleaners.

Your deco mesh (and ribbon tail) Mardi Gras wreath is now complete!

Helpful Tip For Making A Mardi Gras Wreath

Y’all, make life easier for yourself when you’re working on ribbon tails. Sometimes I hear readers ask if it’s REALLY worth buying a ribbon tailboard.

My opinion: don’t catch yourself cutting one tail at a time. It just takes TOO much time – especially if you are making several ribbon tails or wreaths (we are usually doing both, right?).

Your sanity is worth more than the cost of a ribbon tailboard. It’s such a huge time saver! You’ll thank us later.


If you have any questions about making this project, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some questions I frequently see readers ask about making Mardi Gras wreaths. Leave your question in the comments if you don’t see it already answered below.

Can I use hot glue instead of super glue in this project?

For this wreath, the only place I used glue was to secure the mounting squares on the back of the sign. The mounting squares are basically stickers, so you peel the backing off and then add the “sticker” to the sign.

I always like to add a little glue around the edges of the squares to make sure they don’t decide to come off at some point in the future. Sometimes I use hot glue, but I most often use super glue to ensure the best, strongest hold possible. But if you don’t have any superglue, hot glue will work!

Can I change the ribbon colors and patterns?

Yes and no. You can definitely use different ribbons. Have fun playing with solid-colored ribbons, different patterns, different signs, etc. However, in order for it to be a Mardi Gras wreath, it has to have the signature colors of green, purple, and gold.

That said, you can take this basic wreath design and change out the sign and colors to create a similar wreath for a different holiday!

Make This Mardi Gras Wreath For Your Home Or Store

We hope you enjoyed this Mardi Gras wreath tutorial! If you liked it, please share this with your friends so they can benefit from it too!

Whether you are a crafter who is making this for your own door or a Craftpreneur who wants to make this to sell, this beautiful design is a blast to create and will look amazing.

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That’s it y’all! We’re done. So let’s get crackin’ on this ribbon tail Mardi Gras wreath, shall we?!

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Making a Mardi Gras Wreath the Easy Way
Mardi Gras Wreath - Deco Mesh Ribbon Tails and Sign
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Deco Mesh Mardi Gras Wreath with Ribbon Tails

Simple deco mesh and ribbon tail wreath perfect for Mardi Gras!
Yield: 1 wreath
Author: Damon Oates


  • Fluff out wreath form
  • Super glue (4) 1″ mounting squares to the back of the wreath sign.
  • Allow to dry, while you start assembling your wreath.
  • Make a ruffle by taking the two ends of a mesh strip and curl them inward a few times and then scrunch them down the middle.
  • Attach the ruffles to the wreath frame as tight as possible, alternating between the two patterns.
  • Use the ribbon tailboard to cut ribbon tails.
    Cut 2.5" ribbon into (18) 14" strips. Cut ends into dovetails.
    Cut 1.5" ribbon into (36) 14" strips. Cut ends into dovetails.
  • Layer (2) 1.5" ribbon strips on top of (1) 2.5" ribbon strip and add to one of the wreath ties.
  • Fan out the ribbon tails.
  • Add wreath sign by securing with pipe cleaners.
  • Use the EZ Bow Maker to make a bow.
    Using the 2.5" ribbon create (2) 12" tails and (2) 6-inch loops.
    Grab the 1.5" ribbon and create (2) 12" tails and (2) 6-inch loops.
    Add one center loop.
    Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of your bow and twist tightly. Attach the bow to the wreath using pipe cleaners.

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