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Hey y’all, Damon here from DecoExchange and we’ve got an easy grapevine heart wreath tutorial that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! 

If you list your wreaths on Etsy, this design is perfect for making multiples. Crank out some bows set them aside so you can easily produce them when the orders come in.

Remember these quick and simple designs can help you provide variety wherever you market your wreaths. Having lower priced wreaths listed next to higher priced more time consuming pieces, makes it easier for your customers to differentiate the depths of design.

So grab your EZ Bow Maker and let’s get started!

Valentine’s Grapevine Heart Wreath

Y’all these are perfect for offices, homes, and businesses! They are simple , yet decorative all at the same time.

Don’t forget, you can easily tweak this grapevine heart wreath by changing the grapevine style and ribbons patterns.You could make one perfect for year round decor using a circular grapevine base or even add a little more oomph by incorporating greenery or picks, like the Mardi Gras grapevine design.


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Valentine's Grapevine Heart Wreath

Learn how to make a quick and easy Valentine's Grapevine Heart wreath in less than 10 minutes! This wreath decor is simple and is sure to brighten your day!
Yield: 1 wreath


  • So we're going to start using an EZ Bow Maker and a 2.5" wired ribbon. Make a 12-inch tail on the bottom right and do one loop at about 7-inches. Do another loop on the top right, and end with a tail on the bottom left.
  • With your 1.5" wired ribbon, start with an 12-inch tail, and make 2 loops slightly smaller than the previous one on each side. End with a tail on the bottom left.
  • With another 1.5" wired ribbon, start with an 12-inch tail on the bottom right, and make a loop on each side and end with a tail.
  • With your 1.5" ribbon, make a single center loop.
  • Get some pipe cleaners, twist these together nice and tight. Fluff out your bow.
  • Take your bow and attach it to the bottom of your grapevine heart. Trim your bow tails.

Check out some the ribbons we think will work perfect for this project.

Valentine's Ribbon 2.5"Medium Multi Dots Red White

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple and easy wreath tutorial. Let’s see your grapevine variations! Share your pics over at our How to Make Wreaths group.

If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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