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Learn how to make our very popular and simple 4-piece Grapevine Christmas Wreath. If you sell wreaths, this wreath design is hot!

Hey, y’all! We’re back with our second tutorial about simple Christmas grapevines and let me tell you… these things are popular, sell extremely well, and…did we mention SIMPLE!?

If you’re a Craftreneur, this wreath is a triple whammy for success!

This design took practically no time at all to put together – you’re going to be amazed! Plus, it required very little experience or skill. Yet, it looks beautiful and far more complex than it is.

If you need to build up some inventory for your online store or an upcoming craft show or fair, making several wreaths like this one gives you a big return on your time.

You really are going to want to try this one yourself!

How to Make a Christmas Grapevine Wreath

Christmas Grapevine Wreath Tutorial Video

If you are intimidated by DIY projects, don’t worry – we created a step-by-step video tutorial for this designer Christmas grapevine wreath for you! It will eliminate that feeling since it shows you every single step of the process.

This quick and easy tutorial uses only 4 pieces – check out our full tutorial down below and see for yourself. Then, be sure to let us know what you think of this design in the comments at the end of the post.

Just follow along with the video, and you’re covered. 😉

Note: Before we start, I think I should mention that this design uses florals but you don’t need to be a floral expert to make this Christmas wreath design look amazing. I’ll show you exactly what you need to know to create a wreath that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors!

Oh, and just in case you don’t have time to watch the video, there are written directions you can follow down below.

DIY Grapevine Christmas Wreath Supply & Tool List

How to Make This Grapevine Christmas Wreath

Just in case you missed a step in the video above (or don’t have time to watch it), use these step-by-step instructions to guide you through the project.

Step 1

Trim your fall foliage pick and add it to your grapevine from the top. I like to go at a point where I can bend the top a little bit to follow the curve of the wreath.

Step 2

Repeat the same process for your second pick but insert it from the opposite end (the bottom, if you will), so that the 2 stems come together in the middle.

Step 3

Add a dab of hot glue where the stems come together in your grapevine wreath.

Step 4

Grab your EZ Bowmaker and make your bow. Once complete, remove the bow from your bowmaker and use your pipe cleaner to hold it all together.

Note: When you remove your bow from the EZ Bowmaker, tie it tightly which makes the bow want to stand up.

Step 5

Then, use that same pipe cleaner to attach your bow to your wreath in that spot where the two picks come together.

Step 6

Dovetail the ends of your ribbon (if you want), then curl the tails.

Do It Yourself Christmas Grapevine Wreath

That’s it, y’all! Didn’t I mention that it was easy! Now, you know the secret to creating a designer Christmas wreath that didn’t take hours to make or break the bank.

All it takes is 4 simple pieces and less than 20 minutes (maybe even less than 10 minutes) of your time!

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas grapevine wreath tutorial! If you liked it, please share this with your friends so they can enjoy it too!

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Christmas Grapevine Wreath
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4-Piece Grapevine Christmas Wreath

A quick and easy Christmas grapevine wreath that comes together in under 20 minutes but still looks like you spend hours making it.


  • Stem cutter (not required but makes it easier to cut large stems)
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • Hot glue sticks (optional)
  • EZ Bowmaker



  • Trim your Fall foliage pick to make it shorter so that pick doesn't come out of the wreath on the other side. Add it to the side of your grapevine from the top.
  • Repeat the same process for your second pick. This time, insert it from the bottom so that the 2 stems come together in the middle on the left side of your grapevine wreath.
  • Add it bit of hot glue to the spot where the picks come together to help hold them in place.
  • Use your EZ Bowmaker to make your bow. Once it's done, remove the bow from your bowmaker. Add your pipe cleaner and twist it to hold it all together.
  • Use that same pipe cleaner to attach your bow to your wreath to cover that spot where the two picks come together.
  • Dovetail the ends of your ribbon (this is optional). Finally, the tails of your ribbon to curl them and you’re done!


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