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I know we just wrapped another year, but we’ve gotten so many views on the Easter wreaths and Easter wreath supplies that it’s actually the perfect time to release this fun list.

If you’re planning to decorate for Easter, it’s a great time to start crafting your wreath or start shopping for one so you can get it on time.

If you’re looking for spring wreaths check out our library of spring wreath tutorials or shop our Spring collection of finished wreaths.

Transforming Your Entryway for Easter

Make your front entrance wow even the Easter bunny!

Start by hanging an Spring or Easter wreath on the front door as the focal point.

Consider arranging a rustic basket filled with pastel-colored eggs or faux tulips on an entryway table.

An Easter-themed doormat can be a fun addition too!

For that extra wow factor, you could also hang a matching garland. Don’t forget to include some soft, glowing fairy lights to add warmth and charm to your Easter decor!

collage of Easter bunny wreaths

Gorgeous Easter Wreaths You Can Buy or DIY

If you’re not interest in DIYing your own wreath, there are quite a few we’ve got listed on Etsy between all our creative coaches. Here are 15 we think you’ll absolutely love!

1. Simple Easter Bunny Door Hanger

Easter bunny shaped door hanger with greenery and a bow.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little simpler than a full wreath, this Easter bunny door hanger might be the perfect fit.

Want to learn how to make this design? Check out How to Make an Easter Bunny Door Hanger

2. Vibrant and Fun Easter Wreath

Fun Easter wreath with Happy Easter sign attached.

This fun Easter design definitely pops with vibrant colors. And that jelly ribbon!!! It adds a whimsical touch.

Want to learn how to make this design? Check out this post DIY Happy Easter Wreath

3. Silly Bunny Basket Wreath

Silly Easter wreath with a bunny butt sticking out of a basket.

I’m just going to call this what it is, a bunny butt wreath. I mean isn’t that silly bunny so cute falling into the Easter basket?

The ribbon bows in this design work so well together even though they are a mix of non-traditional and traditional Easter color palettes.

Want to learn how to make this design? Check out this post How to Make an Easter Bunny Basket Wreath [Although I like my name better, The Bunny Butt Wreath LOL]

4. Bunny Welcome Wreath

multi-colored wreath with wood bunny welcome sign

The Easter bunny will definitely know they are welcome in your home with this bunny welcome wreath.

The mashup of spring and fall colors and patterns just work together.

Want to learn how to make this design? Check out this post Orange Welcome Easter Bunny wreath.

5. Pastel Easter Wreath

soft Easter bunny wreath with bunny wreath attachment and multiple bows.

This pastel Easter bunny wreath is definitely more traditional when it comes to that pastel color palette of the season.

There’s no tutorial on the blog for this specific one, but you can follow along the same tutorial in wreath #4 and create the same look using pastel mesh, ribbons, and wreath attachment.

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