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Today, I have a great new way to cut your deco mesh to prevent it from fraying. Using this heat sealer technique, you’ll be able to cut your mesh effectively AND expand your project capabilities! It’s a win-win!

Hey, y’all! Lately, I’ve been seeing people have fun showing off their amazing success with cutting deco mesh using a heat sealer. I’ve never used one before, but I checked one out and decided that the time to play with it was now or never!

Seeing some of my friends using this Impulse Heat Sealer successfully piqued my interest in this technique. I’m secretly hoping it works well because I’m not too fond of wood-burning tools, so a heat sealer might allow me to make mesh flower petals with less hassle.

If you’re interested in learning how to cut deco mesh with a heat sealer so that the ends are sealed, keep reading!

How to Cut Mesh For Wreaths

How To Use A Heat Sealer To Cut Mesh

To cut strips of mesh with a heat sealing machine, follow this procedure. Let’s singe those mesh ends!

  1. Plugin your unit and wait for it to heat up.
  2. Prepare your mesh by having it ready behind the machine, so all you need to do is pull it to the length you want to cut.
  3. Lift the lid of the machine and pull your mesh to the desired length.
  4. Bring the lid down and hold it until the little light at the end turns off.
  5. Your mesh should be cut in a straight line with no frays!

Tips For Cutting Mesh:

  • If your heat sealer doesn’t cut your mesh, you can try burning it again. If it still doesn’t cut, simply take your scissors and cut anything that the heat sealing machine didn’t cut.
  • When you measure out the amount of mesh you want to cut, measure an inch shorter than the amount you want to account for the upward angle of the mesh from the mat into the heat sealing machine. So if you want a 10-inch strip of mesh, measure out 9 inches to get the correct length.

Did The Heat Sealer Work? Honest Review!

On my first try, the mesh burned enough that we had smoke and a tiny fire. Don’t worry, all is well, but that was an interesting way to start off with using a heat sealer! Oh, and “fire” might be a slight exaggeration…but there was definitely smoke.

Once the fire happened, I couldn’t resist trying different types of mesh to see how they performed in the heat sealer when compared against each other. Check out the results!

  • Value mesh – The heat sealer cuts this mesh cleanly and easily. It worked really well.
  • Metallic mesh – The heat sealer may not always completely cut the metallic pieces, but the parts that fray will be singed at the end so they won’t fray. Simply trim off any metallic pieces that didn’t cut properly.
  • Jute mesh – I tried it twice and neither time did the heat sealing machine cut the mesh. The first time, it simply made a line. The second time, I burned it twice and it still didn’t cut through. At least the end did singe, so I don’t think it will fray even after cutting the pieces apart.
  • Poly burlap – Works really well. Try to get your mesh-lined up so that the heat sealer cuts it right in the middle to create a better seal.
  • Fabric mesh – This type of mesh works pretty well too. It doesn’t always cut cleanly, but the ends do singe so they won’t fray when you use them in projects.

After trying the heat sealing machine with several different types of mesh, I think I’m coming around to seeing what the fuss is about! By singeing the ends of my mesh, I can use different techniques and create fun things like flower petals or ruffles without worry of fraying mesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know I had a few questions as I played around with using the heat sealer, so I imagine you do too. Here are a few I have seen readers ask. If I miss your question, please include it in the comments down below (or on our Facebook page), and we’ll answer it.

How does the heat sealer give a clean edge on both sides?

When you go to cut your first piece of mesh, pull it out and cut only an inch or two off the end. This will ensure that you’re starting to cut pieces with a sealed edge. Then, all following edges will also be sealed!

Do I need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE)?

For the sake of caution, it never hurts to wear PPE. Burning these materials can release fumes that you may not want to expose yourself to. And, wearing eye protection is always a good idea when working with equipment.

Will the heat sealing machine get hot and damage my workspace?

No, the bottom portion will get warm, but not hot. I had no trouble with it being anywhere near hot enough to cause damage. Also, the part where the mesh goes to be cut doesn’t get hot to the touch either.

All in all, I think the heat sealer is growing on me. It’s much better to use than a wood-burning tool, and overall it works on most mesh types!

Have you tried using it for your mesh?

Learn to Use a Heat Seal To Cut Mesh for Wreaths

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