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Artificial flowers are becoming more lifelike every day, making them gorgeous additions to your wreath and centerpiece projects. But, what do you do with the artificial flower stems? More often than not, you can’t just buy the top half of the flower and use them ‘as is’. Sometimes, you have to cut artificial flower stems to get just the right size or shape – here’s how to do it. 

Hey, y’all! I regularly get asked about what I use to cut artificial floral stems when I decorate. I use floral art pieces and bouquets all the time and like to add them to my wreaths as well as other arrangements.

These questions, along with the popularity of our favorite wreath making tools post, made me realize that we needed to share more about the best tools to use for cutting artificial floral stems. Hobby wreath makers and craftpreneurs alike will get a ton of use out of the tools I’m highlighting in today’s post. 

How To Cut Artificial Flower Stems

Before I get into which tools to have on hand, I thought it would be helpful to give you a quick step-by-step process for cutting artificial flower stems the right way.

Artificial flowers are becoming more and more lifelike (if you haven’t noticed – go look). The old plastic flowers have been replaced with stunning silk and cloth variations. However, their stems still contain wire for shaping and flexibility purposes. 

Occasionally, you may find the need to cut the stems of these flowers in order to achieve the right look in floral arrangements. If you’ve ever tried to use a pair of regular old scissors to cut these silk flowers, you’ve probably had an oh dang moment. It just doesn’t work! You’ve got to have proper tools to cut those pesky little wires.

Before I talk about the different floral stem cutting tools I recommend, it’s important to know how to use these tools safely.

Process For Cutting Artificial Flower Stems

While cutting artificial flower stems isn’t complicated, following this process ensures everyone’s safety and amazing-looking flowers after you are finished cutting the stems.

  1. Hold the wire cutters in your right hand and fully open them. Hold the artificial flower in your left hand. Reverse if you are left-handed.
  2. Place the stem in between the jaws of the wire cutters, all the way up to where the jaws are hinged together.
  3. Holding the flower and the stem away from your face, close the jaws of the wire cutters quickly and firmly. You’ll hear (and feel) a snap as the wire breaks. Discard the cut end.
  4. For thicker stems, I recommend using a stem cutter.
  5. Close any cutter you use before you put it away to avoid finger injuries the next time someone grabs it. Those things are SHARP, y’all!! Safety first.


What Tool Is Used To Cut Faux Flower Stems?

When it comes to floral design tools, there are a number of different options and each does a different job. 

There are several tools I recommend every wreath maker and craftpreneur have on hand and based on your project needs, you may use one or you may use all of them. 

Wire Cutters 

Wire cutters are a necessity! Use them to cut your floral wire, flower stems and so many other things that you shouldn’t use your scissors to cut! I’ve found that wire cutters designed for electrical use are the best, as they easily cut through flower stems.

Wire cutters are also helpful because they are good for adjusting artificial flower stems. They come in long, short, sharp, and blunt, to help with all your cutting or bending needs.

Tip: Wire cutters work really well…to a point. They won’t cut through all floral stems. If you have thick stems, use one of the tools I mention below.

Bolt Cutters

Hand-held mini bolt cutters work well but don’t open very wide, so they won’t work well for thick stems. Also, if you don’t have enough hand strength, you will have trouble using bolt cutters.

Stem Cutter (aka Easy Cutter)

A stem cutter is probably the easiest option to help you cut artificial flower stems. It particularly works well when you have to cut larger or thick stems. It can also easily cut metal, wood, flower stems. 

Because it doesn’t take much effort to use and is highly effective, this tool is a must-have when you’re making a huge amount of wreaths and want to make the production process as quick and easy as possible.

Be careful, though, because this stem cutter opens wide enough and is strong and sharp enough to cut off a finger! Yikes!

Ribbon Scissors

Can you cut flowers with scissors? My answer: Not if you want your scissors to stay sharp and cut your ribbons without ripping or fraying them.

Ribbon Scissors look like your typical scissors, except with much larger, sharper blades and odd-sized handles for a trigger-like grip. They are designed for cutting ribbon, netting, and fabric. 

Ribbon scissors should not be used for cutting stems or florist wire, because those items will damage the blades. They are so handy to use for any ribbons or bows in your project…just make sure to only use them for that purpose.

Artificial Floral Stem Tools Safety & Storage

Working with sharp tools can easily lead to accidents, so here are some tips to keep yourself safe.

  • Always close your cutting tools after usage, so they don’t cut you next time you reach for them.
  • When working with wire or other sharp materials that will be part of your final product, wrap it with green floral tape, so it’s both camouflaged and safe.
  • Organize your equipment and supplies, so you’re not scrambling to find everything during production.

Use the right tools for the job (like these good quality cutting tools) for better quality work with less effort. The right tool can make a huge difference, I promise!

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