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Remember when the greatest debate in the world was which way the toilet paper was supposed to unroll? However…in the wreath world, one of the most common debates are about all the different bow maker tools out there. Questions like “which bow maker tool is the best to use?” How do you choose the bow maker that’s right for you?

The Great Bow Debate: Bow Maker Tools

Our community seems to be able to turn every action someone makes into The Great Debate.

The latest? Bow Makers…

So let’s review them – by the year they were invented!

Bow Maker #1: Hands

Wikipedia states these are 2.5 million years old… Hands.


Here are some of the benefits of your hands as your bow maker:

  • It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost you any extra money.
  • Perfect that random bow that you need to make.
  • There are ton’s of Youtube videos showing you how to make a bow by hand.
  • You can make beautiful bows with your hands.

There is a downfall when it comes to just using your hands…the task can wear down your hands and cause some aches/pains when your business starts to pick up.

Bow Maker #2: The EZ Bow Maker

The Web isn’t clear – but it looks like the EZ Bow Maker has been around since 1993.

Some of the benefits of using this bow maker tool:

  • You can walk into Hobby Lobby / Michael’s and grab one with your 50% off coupon for about $5.00.
  • The EZ Bow Maker is light weight and small.
  • It’s easy to move around the table / out of your work.
  • The 4 pegs stay fixed in the board so you never have to worry about losing them.
  • This bow maker tool makes beautiful bows. Here’s a tutorial on how to use the EZ Bow Maker.
  • You can get designer quality bows in just minutes… they’re even fluffy!
  • I personally like that you can watch the bow being made exactly as you’ll see it once on your wreath.

While there are plenty of benefits, there are a few downfalls to this bow maker:

  • They’re hard to find online. However, if you’re interested in purchasing one, you can check out DecoExchange.
  • The company doesn’t have a functioning website and they’re over priced on Amazon.
  • You have to constantly change out the spool of ribbon, so it can take a little more work while making the bow.

Bow Maker #3: The Bowdabra

The Web isn’t clear – but it looks like the Bowdabra has been around since the 1990s.


Some of the benefits of this bow maker:

  • The company has an over the top website with tons of information waiting for you. She’s built a brand and company around the Bowdabra.
  • She’s live every Monday on her Facebook page showing you how to use the product.
  • You can get designer quality bows in just minutes.

A downfall for this tool…and this one is completely personal…I don’t like the amount of tension that is placed on the ribbon when making the loops. Another downside to this bow maker tool is that there’s no measurement tool attached for making sure your loops/tails are the same length. (You can buy one separate.)

Bow Maker #4: The Pro Bow The Hand

I couldn’t find the origin date for the Pro Bow, but the patent is 2011, so I’m going to assume it was prior to that.


Some of the benefits in using the Pro Bow are:

  • It’s a favorite by many – so there are tons of tutorials online, like our Pro Bow Tutorial.
  • This bow maker tool creates bows that are clean, tight, and beautiful.
  • It does take a second to learn, but once you have it down, you’ll be making amazing bows every time.

There are a few downfalls with this tool like:

  • The board can be intimidating when you first see it.
  • The Pro Bow needs additional items purchased separate to get the most use out of the product. (Extra spool holders & Fluff box).
  • It takes a little more imagination and creativity to see the bow being built as you create – As you can see in the picture above you don’t have a great concept of how your ribbons will look once completed. (This is easily overcome with experience)

Bow Maker #5: The Bow Genius

I don’t really know anything about the Bow Genius. It just reminds me of the thing that used to make hair rollers hot.

The Bow Genius does have a benefit… it comes in a cool carrying case so all of your pegs stay together. From what I’ve been told by other bow makers, a downfall for this bow maker tool is this one is intimidating and takes some practice to learn.

A quick patent search tells me that there are 21 other bow makers that I’ve never used or heard of… Time to go shopping y’all!

At the end of the day you need to use the bow maker that makes you the most comfortable.

Don’t be bullied into purchasing a product that doesn’t meet your needs.

We would love to hear which bow maker tools you love/prefer and why. Just comment below!

Share which bow maker tool is your favorite with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group. If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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