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Learn how to make an everyday bumble bee mesh wreath for your front door. This bright and colorful wreath will look beautiful on any front door all summer long.

Hey, y’all! Today, I’m showing you how to make a bee mesh wreath! It has curls, ruffles, bows, and ribbon tails to highlight summer fun.

How to Make this Every Day Bumble Bee Mesh Wreath

Supplies Needed To Make Bee Mesh Wreath

Here’s everything you need to make this fun and bright yellow, red, and black wreath with a bumble bee sign!

How To Make The Bows For Your Summer Bee Mesh Wreath

Use these step-by-step instructions to put your bows together. There will be 3 sets of 6-ribbon bows, and the process will be the same for each bow.

Step 1

Take your EZ Bow Maker and your first 2” ribbon and make a 5” loop with 8” tails.

Step 2

Repeat that process with your second 2” ribbon. Make sure that the second layer of your bow offsets the first layer in an “X” shape.

Step 3

Take your first 1” ribbon and repeat the same process, offsetting the loops and tails from the second layer of ribbon. 

Start making your loops about ½” smaller from this layer on, so the loops for this ribbon will be about 4.5” and the tails will still be 8”.

Step 4

Repeat the process again with your second 1” ribbon, making the loops about 4”.

Step 5

Do the same thing another time with your third 1” ribbon, making the loops about 3.5”.

Step 6 

And again one last time with your fourth 1” ribbon, and the loops will be about 3”.

Step 7

Take 2 pipe cleaners and attach them at their ends so that you have one extra long pipe cleaner. Carefully pull your bow off the EZ Bow Maker and wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the bow to hold it together.

Give a tight twist to secure it.

Step 8

Make two more bows just like the first one.

How To Make This Every Day Bumble Bee Mesh Wreath

Follow these steps to make your own cute bee wreath to hang on your door all summer long!

Step 1

Take two of the 10-inch strips of mesh and roll them into a nice clean roll.

Stack one on top of the other in a cross shape and attach these sets of 2 curls of mesh all the way around the bottom of the wreath frame.

Step 2

Take your first 20-inch strip of mesh and make a ruffle by curling the edges under then scrunching it in the middle. Attach it with one of the ties on the top of the wreath frame.

Repeat the same process all around the top of the frame.

Step 3

It’s time to get the bee sign ready!

Trim off any tags that are still on it. Then, insert 4 pipe cleaners with picks on the ends into the bee all around the sign.

Make sure to insert picks at an angle to prevent the pick from poking all the way through the other side of the sign.

Secure the picks in the sign with a dab of hot glue.

Step 4

Once the glue has dried, attach the sign to the wreath using the pipe cleaners you attached to the sign.

Step 5

Take your first bow and attach it to the wreath next to your bumble bee sign using the pipe cleaners that are holding your bow together.

Step 6

Add your second bow to your wreath just above the bee sign using the extra long pipe cleaner that you’re using to hold your bow together.

Step 7

Attach your final bow to your wreath in between your other two bows, using the long pipe cleaner you make to hold your bow together.

Step 8

Now we’re adding tails!

Take your tailboard and cut 5 strips each of 4 different ribbons that you used in your bows. Once your tails are cut, dovetail the ends.

Step 9

Match the ribbons into two different pairs. Spread the colors out across both sets of ribbon pairs.

Step 10

Add 2-layer tails, pinch them in the middle, fold them back, and add it to the base. Continue this process around the base of the wreath, alternating color patterns each time.

Step 11

Trim the tails of the bows.

Step 12

Make more tails by cutting 5 tails of 4 different ribbons using your tailboard. Layer each of the 4 ribbons together and add the tails into the empty spaces on your wreath.

Make This Bee Mesh Wreath To Hang On Your Front Door!

Now your everyday bee mesh wreath is complete! Isn’t it cute and full of bright, happy colors?

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Make a Bumble Bee Mesh Wreath for Summer
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