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Hey y’all!! Today, I’m going to show you guys how you can make the Damon Bow by hand. All it requires is some ribbon and wire. You don’t need anything fancy other than your choice of ribbon!

How to Make a Damon Bow by Hand

I will say, it is much easier to make a bow using the EZ Bow Maker or the Pro Bow Hand Bow Maker. If you don’t have that available, you can still make one by hand. Here is a video to go with the instructions. Happy Bow Making!

Damon Bow Supplies:

Instructions on How to Make the Damon Bow

  1. So I’m going to layer my three ribbons, just like I would if I was going to use my Pro Bow. Each of my loops, I want them to be five inches. So it’s going to be a 10 inch measurement.
  2. Fold it over. You pinch it. Keeping them layered. You measure to your 10 inch mark. Pinch it. All right. And this is the first spot we have to do a little twist.
  3. So now we have this little bow tie looking thing. Measure now at 10 inches. Do a twist. So we’re trying to accomplish a three ribbon bow by hand right now.
  4. All right, this is the last three 1-1/2 inch loop that we have to do. Once we have that, we can pull our tails out. Trim them off.
  5. Cut a 24-inch wire while ago. We’re even going to fluff it by hand, y’all. So we just pull them apart. I hope after people do this enough times by hand, they’ll realize that they should buy a Pro Bow.
  6. All right, so there is our center three ribbon bow. Now we just need to do some Terri bow tails underneath it. Do that, and dovetail one end.
  7. Measure out 7 inches for the tail, then measure 14 inches. Fold it in half, rotate it, and do another 14 inches. And then measure out your seven inch tail.
  8. All right, so now we have a little bow tie. Just going to wire them right into the bottom. So remember seven inch tail, 14 inch loop.
  9. This probably would have looked better if I would not have done the seven inch loops, maybe a six inch. The first one I did different dimensions, and you can’t really see the Terri bow underneath it. This one you can really see the Terri bow.
  10. All right, so now that they’re all attached, I’m just going to fluff it out.

All right, you all. That’s all it takes to make a bow by hand. Try making your own Damon Bow by hand and share it in our How to Make Wreaths group. We’d love to see your creations!

You can find all of these supplies at If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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