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If you’re looking for the top bow making tools for wreaths, just know you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to wreaths, bow making can require a few tools. If you equip yourself right from the beginning, you’ll find that the entire flow and quality of your wreaths will go much more smoothly.

Top bow making tools for wreaths

The Top Bow Making Tools for Wreaths

One of the more difficult aspects of finishing wreaths is creating the perfect bow. People will find that the majority of their time is spent trying to find that balance in the perfect bow loops. If you’re needing help to make bows, here is a few bow making tools that you may want to invest in.

A Bow Maker – The EZ Bow Maker


There are several bow makers on the market but my bow maker of choice is the EZ Bow Maker. With a name like EZ Bow Maker, you know it has to be a top tool, right?

What’s so great about this bow making tool is that it can make any size of bow with ease. The base has a measurement tool on it that allows you to measure out the length of ribbon that you’re going to want to use in the tails and loops. The attached spool holder works well and keeps your ribbons from “running away” or getting all tangled up.

if you want a tool that’s handy for making a ton of bows in a short amount of time. Plus, it’s super simple to take with you if you’re needing to travel for trade shows while still making bows. 

Check out these three quick tutorials on how to use the EZ Bow Maker!


A Good Pair of Scissors

Let me reword that…you want an AH-MAZING pair of fabric scissors. My all time favorite pair are these Fiskars Amplify RazorEdge Fabric Shears. They cut through multiple layers  or even thick fabric like butter!

Come on, you know fighting your way through ribbon or fabric with so-so shears will cause the edges to fray. Clean edges make such a huge difference in the over all look of your bows.


Bow Fasteners

How do you keep all that ribbon in place? Here are our community’s favorite tools to keeping those bows staying pretty and in place.

Zip Ties

Create fuller bows with a tighter fasten using good ol’ zip ties. And you thought they were just good for tidying up cords and dealing with misbehaving spouses…


They are extremely versatile and easily hidden.

Zip ties work especially well for larger bows, securing them tightly to most wreath bases.

Zip ties! They are quick and easy get super tight so they aren’t flopping around and are easy to remove without ruining the bow. – Becky D.

Zip ties! They get tighter and to me make the bow fluffier looking. – Lisa K.

Pipe Cleaners

For mesh ribbons or smaller bows, using pipe cleaners may be the better way to go. You can manipulate the pipe cleaners to create a better hold.

Plus, let’s face it, if you’ve got kiddos running around it’ll keep them occupied too.

Pipe cleaners for normal bows as I can weave in the ends to make it extra secure. If it is oversized then zip tie. ? – Aimee H

Pipe cleaners, I can match the color to the top ribbon to help camouflage and I feel like I can make them pretty tight… AND easier to make bows by half when I have the help of a pipe cleaner that can be opened and closed a few times… saves my hands from cramping. – Mellie M.

Floral Wire

Okay, floral wire can be trickier than pipe cleaners and zip ties, but they definitely have their place on the list. Floral wire works great, but is harder on your fingers. You’ll want to grab your needle nose pliers and favorite wire cutters to tackle bows with floral wire!

Wire – I can manipulate the bow to the correct position and tighten it to the frame with my needle nose pliers – Ann B.

Floral wire I seem to be able to attach it tighter but not too tight when I use zip ties I usually waste a few redoing it. – Karen G.

Floral wire (doubled), because I think the bow opens up nicer when there is less bulk in the tie going over it. – Liana M.

Using the EZ Bow Maker tool

From ribbon tails to a full-fledge bow, there are several tools that our community just loves to use to help them along. They make the process more efficient and ultimately results in a better quality wreath. If you’re selling your creations, you definitely want your clients to ogle at the craftsmanship.

Do you have any bow-making tools that you recommend?

If so, share them in the comments y’all!

How to use the EZ Bow Maker

If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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