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Halloween is full of tricks and treats of all types – including spooky decorations! Today, I’m showing you how to make one of my favorites: a simple and colorful basic Halloween deco mesh wreath perfect for any door.

Hey, y’all! Many of you know that Halloween is my absolute favorite craft-making holiday. I love the huge range of possibilities that I can use in my wreath-making. Everything from fun colors and patterns to cute or spooky signs and attachments…everything works!

And believe me, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting and playing around!

For this Halloween deco mesh wreath, I decided to take a break from spooky and go with a basic, cute design. A simple sign, eye-catching bow, and plenty of ribbon tails on a bed of curls and ruffles make this not-so-spooky wreath a must-have for any Halloween door.

By the way, this Halloween mesh wreath also happens to be one of our kits. It’s (currently) available at, so grab it before it sells out!

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How to Make a Happy Halloween Mesh Wreath

Supplies Needed To Make A Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

Here’s everything you need to make this beautiful wreath to show your support for your own local team.

How To Make A Halloween Mesh Wreath

Use these step-by-step instructions to put your wreath together. 

Step 1

Take (2) 10-inch strips of mesh and roll them up into 2 separate curls. Take your 2 rolls and place one on top of the other in an “X” shape. Attach your “X” to the wreath base with one of the pipe cleaners on the outside of your base. 

You’ll have 10 pairs of curls around the outside of your wreath.

Step 2

Now it’s time to cut 8 more pieces of mesh, this time into 25” strips. Once they’re cut, take each piece, curl the ends, and scrunch it up towards the middle. With the ruffle down, add it to one of the pipe cleaners on the inside of the wreath frame and twist the pipe cleaner to secure it. 

Alternate the mesh colors as you go around the top. Follow this same process for each of your pieces of mesh and each pipe cleaner. You’ll basically end up with an “outside” row of curls and an “inside” row of ruffled mesh.

Step 3

Prepare your sign! Cut off any hanger on the back and remove any stickers. Attach 4 mounting squares (one in each corner) with a dab of super glue on the back. Add a little hot glue all the way around each square to make sure they’re secure.

Once all the glue is dry, add pipe cleaners to your mounting squares (or, use a staple gun and staple each pipe cleaner to the back of the sign and secure with a dab of hot glue).

Once everything is dry, attach your sign to the top of your wreath frame.

Step 4

It’s time to make a bow.

Take your first 2.5” ribbon and EZ Bow Maker and measure out 10-inch tails and 7-inch loops in an “X” shape. Repeat the same process with your first 1.5” ribbon, and make sure that your “X”s offset each other. 

Grab your next 1.5” ribbon and repeat the process. Each time you start again with the first ribbon), reduce the loop size by ½”. Follow the process to add another layer with your 3rd 1.5” ribbon.

With your second 2.5” ribbon, make the same 10” tails with slightly smaller loops. Then, use your final 1.5” ribbon to make tails with one smaller center loop.

Twist 2 pipe cleaners together to create a longer pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of your bow. Twist it tightly then use it to attach your bow to the bottom of your wreath design.

Dovetail the ribbon tails.

Step 5

Let’s make some ribbon tails! Take both of your 2.5” ribbons as well as 2 of your 1.5” ribbons and use your ribbon tailboard to measure out (8) tails of each ribbon that are 14” long. Dovetail the ends.

Step 6 

Form pairs of ribbon tails. One pair at a time (alternating ribbon pair colors), take your ribbon tail pair, pinch it, and attach it all around the outside of your wreath board using the same pipe cleaners you used for your ruffles. 

Then, add ribbon tail pairs to the pipe cleaners around the inside of the wreath frame too. Feel free to trim off any excess pipe cleaner length after you add the ribbon tails.

Step 7

Fluff your ruffles, and your Halloween mesh wreath is ready!

Make This DIY Halloween Mesh Wreath

Isn’t it fun and colorful? I’m loving all the orange, black, green, and white in it. In fact, it makes me ready for Halloween!

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Creative Coaching - Free Tutorial

Just pin this Happy Halloween Deco Mesh wreath tutorial to save these spooky instructions for later!

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