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Today, Parker talks with our friend Warren Carlyle about building a community on Instagram. This is a topic that is crucial for your business success and Warren gives us some great tips. 

Hey, y’all! We’re now at the 10th episode of our podcast, Makers Mean Business. We are marching forward in our journey to help Craftprenuers everywhere to grow their businesses.

Today, we are talking with our great friend, Warren Carlyle of Octonation, who is a ‘Jack of All Trades’ and an expert in community building.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 010: Building a Community on Instagram

Today’s topic is specifically around how to build a community on Instagram, but there are ways to apply these strategies in a general way to your own community no matter where it is.

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MMB Episode 10: Building a Community on Instagram with Warren Carlyle

Building a community online is one of the best ways to grow because as you foster that back and forth with followers, you create loyal fans who come back again and again.

Warren shares some terrific experience-based actions that you can take immediately to start fostering those relationships.

Community Building – The Biggest Takeaways

Warren covers a ton of highly valuable information, y’all. We don’t want to spoil it for you here, so here’s a glimpse of what he shares:

  • How to clearly differentiate yourself from other Instagram pages so you stand out
  • What to do to stop the scroll on your content
  • How to get your content in front of more people so you can find your people
  • Changes Instagram has made to its algorithm that will help you
  • Actionable steps you can take to start building a stronger community on Instagram today
  • What to say in your first 3 lines of text for every post you write on Instagram.

How to Build An Online Community

We get lots of questions about using 3rd party apps to help with creating new posts and increasing reach on each and every post. Warren had some great insights about that – listen to the episode to hear them.

And finally, there’s a huge trend right now towards collaboration.

Warren gives us simple steps to grow your community. One example is to create a situation on your account where you are collaborating with someone such as doing Instagram Lives together.

You won’t want to miss his other tips!

Warren knows what he’s talking about when it comes to running a successful Instagram page. His own highly successful page is Octonation, the largest online octopus fan club.

If you would like to learn more from Warren (and believe me, you do!), you can find him at OctoWarren.

Makers Mean Business Podcast Episode 10: Learn How to Build a Community on Instagram

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