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Episode 7 of the Makers Mean Business Podcast is all about selling on Etsy. Learn how to sell on Etsy and why it’s crucial for helping you get the point of living a maker’s life. Plus, learn the 3 things that EVERY Etsy seller needs to know.

Hey, y’all! We’re now seven episodes deep into the Makers Mean Business Podcast, and we learn more incredible lessons with every episode. Today, we are learning about how to sell on Etsy from Lauren Kilgore.

Episode 007: How to Sell on Etsy

Lauren has been part of our business coaching program from the beginning. Through her participation in the program and some big changes she has made to her business, she was able to leave her 9-5 job and support her family all while living a maker’s life.

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MMB Episode 7: Learning How to Sell On Etsy

Back in 2014, Lauren was a single mom looking for ways to fill her time in the evenings after putting her daughter to bed. She started making wreaths and off-handedly posted on Facebook about them.

To her surprise, she started getting suggestions from friends and family to sell her wreaths, which prompted her to do just that. Enter: Etsy and the world of online sales.

At that time, the culture of teaching others online skills that we see today didn’t exist. Anyone who wanted to learn how to do anything online had to take the time to figure it out on their own.

Figuring Out the Platform

Lauren got busy learning everything she could about the Etsy platform. While many people struggle with learning how to use Etsy, using the platform came naturally to Lauren. But even so, it still took 3 years for her to get traction to her shop.

Then, her knowledge…and her sales…soared!

Teaching Others How to Sell on Etsy Successfully

Over time, Lauren noticed that she was helping people learn how to sell on Etsy by answering their questions on Facebook. It sparked an idea that only made her business even more profitable.

Lauren created Handmade Sellers University to teach creatives – not just wreath makers, but any crafters – how to sell on Etsy. She wanted to help others learn how to be successful on Etsy faster and easier than what she experienced.

Now, with a thriving business and many students under her belt, Lauren gets to live a maker’s life while also helping others to reach their own goals!

The Three Things Every New Etsy Seller Needs to Know

For Craftpreneuers new to selling their items on Etsy, Lauren says there are 3 critical things to know:

Don’t Treat it Like Facebook Marketplace

Etsy has its own algorithm, so you can’t use it like you would use Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist or even eBay. If you try to put up a listing and assume that it will sell simply because it’s on the platform, you will not be successful.

Instead, learn how to work with Etsy’s algorithm to find success.

Fully Set Up Your Shop

On the Etsy platform, having your entire shop fully filled out makes a difference in your rankings. That not only includes your shop but also every listing. Missing information means lower rankings, which means…few or no customers.

Also, it’s essential to have a policy section. It will help your rankings, and it will also help if you have an issue with a customer.

Fill out your policy section, y’all!

Carefully Choose Your Shop Name

Don’t choose just any name that comes to mind. Put a little thought into it before you choose and follow these tips:

  • Choose a name that isn’t spelled in an odd way
  • Make it memorable and creative
  • Your name should be the same business name across all platforms: Etsy, Facebook, etc.
  • Keep your customers in mind: they are constantly bombarded with tons of information so make it as easy as possible for them.

These tips are gold! They will help you get started, but you’ll want to hear the rest of what Lauren has to say to keep moving towards success.

Final Thoughts on Our Chat With Lauren Kilgore and How to Sell on Etsy

Selling your stuff on Etsy can make the difference between working your 9-5 job and living a maker’s life – if you know how to do it the right way.

Listen to the podcast to hear everything Lauren has to say, including:

  • Why Etsy is the platform she recommends for selling your products
  • How to overcome the need for having a large number of followers in order to sell well.
  • Why NOW is the time to start your own Etsy store.

It’s completely worth your time to listen to this podcast and start your own Etsy shop.

Bonus: How to Sell on Etsy Freebie!

Lauren has put together a new workshop on how to use keywords to write a good Etsy listing title. It has so much helpful information in it – you won’t want to miss it! Be sure to grab her free SEO workbook to help you brainstorm powerful keywords.

And visit her site to learn more about her courses and Etsy coaching to help you reach your dream of living a maker’s life!

Podcast Episode 007: Learning How to Sell on Etsy

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