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Hey y’all! We’ve been seeing how much you love bow tutorials, so we asked our friend over at Kelea’s Florals to show us how she makes her funky bows. What do we use funky bows for? Of course, wreaths, but they also work great for so many other projects. You can use these bows on door hangers, swags, garlands, Christmas trees and even gifts. The whimsy look you get from all the tails heading out in different directions really makes your projects stand out.

How to Make a Christmas Funky Bow

A little about Kelea, she specializes in whimsical, wispy design and fluid motion in floral design structure. Her background in gift show production, merchandising and Etsy shop management help her to teach others in her Design School Classes. She has found her passion in teaching her students weekly on Facebook and in her design school community, helping them to learn to stand out from the masses in their designs. Below is a video tutorial on how she creates her Christmas Funky bow.

Watch her video tutorial below:


What you need to make a Funky Bow

DIY Funky Bow Instructions

Choose your ribbons

Picking out ribbons can be overwhelming, but just pick out the first and then you can come up with your complete design using that one inspiration ribbon. In our design, we use 5 ribbons, (3) 2.5”, and (2) 1.5”.

Making the bow

  1. Pick out your busiest 2.5” ribbon and use it first. Make the first tail at 8” (this tail goes up), then come into the middle of the large dowels on the bow maker and make a twist. Twisting allows us to make the loop and have the ribbon with the correct side forward. With the back of the ribbon facing up, measure out to 6”. Come back to the center in between the pegs and twist again. With the back of the ribbon facing up, measure out to 6”. Come back to the center in between the pegs, and now (do not twist) scrunch the ribbon (we want it right side up). Measure the tail out to 8” (this tail goes down).
  2. The second ribbon choice is a contrasting color, so we are using a solid 1.5” ribbon. You will repeat the same process we did in the first step. The only difference is you will want to start on the opposite side where you did not have a tail yet. This way we start having tails on both sides of the bow.
  3. For the third set of loops, repeat the same process with you next ribbon. In our design, we are using a stripe with the dominate color from the busiest pattern we had on the bottom of the bow.
  4. In the forth set of loops, you will repeat the same process, alternating tails so you have tails going up and going down on both sides of the pegs.
  5. For the fifth set of loops, bring the ribbon that you used in the back and use it again in the last two loops on the front of the bow. Follow the same process, but make these loops 5.5” long.
  6. The sixth final set of loops will have 5.5” loops, and you will follow the same process.

To remove off the EZ bow maker

  1. Slide a cable tie (at least 8” long) right beside the dowels. Grab both ends of the cable tie and gently raise bow up using cable tie. Keep index finger on top of the dowels, so the bow does not pop off the bow maker.
  2. Tighten up cable tie where it’s closed but not completely tight.
  3. While holding pressure in the center with your fingers on top and bottom of cable tie, fluff out the loops and position them the way you would like them on your finished bow.
  4. Slide in attachment cable tie in the back under your original cable tie. This is what we will use the attach the finished bow to your final project. Use wire here if you would like to be able to remove the bow.
  5. Trim off the excess cable tie on the back of the bow. Choose a nice contrasting pattern from your ribbons you made the bow with. Cut the ribbon in half with your scissors. Fold the ribbon to clean up the cut edges and tie it right down the center to cover the cable tie. This works as a great little detail to make your bow beautiful.

And there you have it, y’all! Just fluff out your bow to make it look the way you want. This funky bow tutorial is simple and easy to make. You can take your bows and decorate literally anything you want! The only limit is your imagination. If you love this tutorial, you can check out more of Kelea’s designs on her Facebook page.

We hope you enjoyed this funky bow tutorial – Feel free to scroll down and leave us a comment or share it with a friend. We are so excited with the positive feedback on the blog and are will continue to provide some awesome content for you guys!

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