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Everyone loves decorating for Halloween, but it can be hard to find something unique while still on a budget. With just a few simple materials, you can give a store bought decorative jack-o-lantern an amazing makeover to create fun DIY Halloween decor!

Whether you are looking for something more creepy and spooky or something with a bit of humor, this craft is perfect for adding some personality to your home this October. Read on to learn how to give your jack-o-lanterns the perfect makeover!

DIY Decorating for Halloween

Customizing store bought Halloween decor with a little DIY magic is fun, especially if you’re the competitive type. You want your front porch or yard to look unique when it comes to Halloween and Christmas.

Here are some other ideas that we think you’ll love too!

Thin Halloween Wreath with Pumpkin Theme

thin Halloween wreath with Happy Halloween sign

Want a quick and easy Halloween wreath design? This thin Happy Halloween wreath is so cute with a whole pumpkin theme.

Quick Halloween Grapevine Wreath

witch hat grapevine wreath

The purple, greens, and oranges just pop on this grapevine wreath. With a quick bow and attachment change, you could absolutely transition this design into a Mardi Gras wreath.

Jack-O-Lantern Makeover Tutorial

Okay, okay, I won’t let you wait any longer. This is the design you were looking for when you clicked over. First let’s start with the supply list.

Supplies Needed

Check out the recipe card below to watch the full video tutorial, step-by-step instructions, and view quantities for supply list.

Front view of arrangement on jack o lantern
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Jack-o-Lantern Makeover

Give that store bought decorative jack-o-lantern a new look!


  • 1 Faux decorative pumpkin At Home Store
  • 1 Glittered boxwood bush
  • 1 Orange affordable greenery
  • 1 Ghost stem
  • 1 Black and white check swirl pick
  • 1 1.5" wired ribbon black and orange
  • 1 2.5" wired ribbon black and white polka dot


Prep your base.

  • Start with a pumpkin head base.
  • Add a small block of foam to the top front of the pumpkin head using glue.
  • Add in a pumpkin stem to the back of the foam block.

Make and add your half bow.

  • Take 3 ribbons and make a half bow with 1 loop each.
  • Layer your half bows.
  • Add a u-pin to the back of the half bow.
  • Secure your half bow and u-pin with a zip tie.
  • Add your half bow to the foam block using the u-pin and glue.
  • Fluff out your half bow.
  • Trim the ends.

Add in your picks and greenery.

  • Add in some glitter box wood all around the foam block using glue.
  • Add in a few orange tinted greenery.
  • Add in some ghost picks.
  • Add in a few black glitter fern.
  • Add in some checkered curl picks.


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