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This quick and easy patriotic wreath is a beautiful, tasteful way to show your pride. In this quick video tutorial, I’ll show you how to make two identical wreaths, one with a sign and one without.

Okay, y’all – today’s project is super quick. In 40 minutes you’ll make not one but two patriotic wreaths showcasing your spirit! Whether you keep these, gift them, or sell them to customers, these are an excellent addition to any wreath portfolio.

red and blue bow, florals on grapevine wreath

God Bless America Patriotic Wreath

We’ll start with an oval grapevine wreath and add a base ruffle with two 10-inch strips of mesh. Then, we’ll layer on a ribbon with 6-inch loops and add a pretty navy and cream bow right on top. Lastly, we’ll round out this ribbon with some gorgeous greenery and a sign very appropriate of a patriotic wreath.

I have to tell you guys – I’m kind of obsessed with the ribbon combo in this patriotic wreath. This was part of a kit that we sent out. They always sell out quickly, but when I last looked there was some similar ribbon still available on DecoExchange.

two grapevine wreaths
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DIY God Bless America Patriotic Grapevine Wreath

Make this pair of patriotic wreaths alongside me in this quick video tutorial!
Yield: 2 wreaths


  • Get your grapevine wreath base, wreath sign, pipe cleaners, craft foam, glue gun, and staple gun.
  • Starting with the wreath sign, flip it over, add the craft foam on each side of the sign, and use a staple gun to attach the pipe cleaners on top of the craft foam. Use the glue gun to secure the pipe cleaner and craft foam.
  • Attach sign to the top of the grapevine wreath base.
  • Take your deco mesh, measure 20" and cut 2 strips. Curl the 2 ends and scrunch the rest of the way down the center. Add the 2 pieces together and add to bottom of grapevine with a pipe cleaner.
  • Add your quick bow. Trim ends in to dovetails. Then fluff and arrange bow on top of the deco mesh.
  • With pliers or stem cutters, trim the ends of your greenery picks. You can cut them in to smaller pieces.
  • With the hot glue gun, add greenery around the loops and mesh. This will help make the wreath look bigger.
  • Do the same process with the floral picks, so that your wreath looks fuller.
  • Repeat steps 4-8, doing the same process to make an identical wreath minus the wreath sign.
red white and blue grapevine wreath
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Quick Bow using the EZ Bow Maker

4, 2, X tails,1 bow
Yield: 1 bow


  • Get your EZ Bow Maker and ribbons.
  • With the 2.5" ribbon, measure 12" tail and (2) 6.5" loops on each side.
  • Next, take your 1.5" ribbon, measure 12" tail and (1) 6" loop on each side.
  • With your 1.5" ribbon, cut a ribbon tail.
  • Then with your 2.5" ribbon, cut another ribbon tail and place in the opposite direction of the previous ribbon tail making an "X."
  • Take your 1.5" ribbon and make a single loop for the center.
  • Then get your pipe cleaner and wrap around the center of your bow. Twist nice and tight. Fluff out your bow.

What do you all think of this style of wreath? It’s a bit different from some of our other ones but I am loving it, y’all!

God bless america sign on grapevine wreath

If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.


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