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Stumped on how to make a wreath with patterns that work together? Overcome crafter’s block with these tips. Discover how to choose ribbon colors and patterns that make your project pop!

Learning how to make a wreath has several steps and components to it. First, you have to come up with an idea for the project. Sometimes this can be done by selecting a theme, or other times you might be so inspired by certain wreath supplies that you want to simply create a piece using them!

Choosing a theme for your wreath sounds like the trickiest part, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes the theme is easy and the color scheme is harder. Luckily, I am going to tell y’all about some of the best methods for picking your colors and theme for your beautiful wreaths.

choosing ribbon colors and patterns

How To Make a Wreath and Choose Ribbon Colors

Browsing ribbons in a craft store or online is so fun. Ideas just start popping into your head. But then when you sit down at home and actually want to start making your wreath, do you hit crafter’s block?

You aren’t alone.

Let’s break this down into some really simple ways to choose ribbons and patterns so you never get stumped again.

How do you start a wreath?

The method for starting a wreath and how to choose ribbon colors are pretty much the same. It all centers around the focal point and wreath’s theme.

Put Ribbons Together In the Store

The first way to choose colors and patterns is to hold them next to each other.

One of the simplest ways to choose colors for your wreath is to walk into a store and choose ribbons to which you are attracted to. Grab random ones you like, then lay them all out together to see which ones match each other.

You can do something similar with online stores as well. Just open two separate windows each containing a close-up image of the wreath pattern. Place the windows side by side and compare them.

If this is harder for you to accomplish, it may be easier to pick a sign or a theme first and create colors to surround that. Over time, it’ll become easier to choose coordinating patterns quickly.

Create A Focal Point

Focal points are the most vital part of wreath-making, especially for beginners. Focal points are the center of interest or activity. This does not necessarily mean that your focal point has to be in the center though.

Focal points are usually centered, bigger than other sections, and contain something to draw the viewer in. Some of the most common types of focal points on wreaths are: 

If you choose a sign as your focal point, draw colors from it. Take a look at what colors are on the sign and use ribbon that either matches or compliments those. For example, if the sign has white writing on a wooden background, a burlap-colored ribbon along with white and pastel color would complete the rustic theme. 

Bows are another focal point that draws attention and beauty to your wreath. Common places for bows are: 

  • One enormous bow in the middle
  • A bunch of small bows scattered throughout the wreath
  • A large bow off-centered

Choosing a single focal point, like a bow in the middle, is a great place to start for those of you just beginning to make wreaths. 

Choose a Theme for Your Wreath

If you want to create a theme, choosing ribbon colors might become a little bit more difficult. Unlike using a sign as a focal point, there won’t be anything visual to pull your color choices from.

In this case, you have to visualize the theme in your head in order to pick the ribbon. Some people have a notebook that they use to write down the theme and ideas for pulling it all together. 

Examples of popular wreath themes are: 

  • Seasonal – Fall, Christmas, Easter
  • Sports – Local or national teams
  • Animal / Pet
  • Professional – celebrating a job like a nurse or a veterinarian
  • Hobby – coffee-lover, wine-enthusiast

Some theme choices are more straightforward than others. If you choose a sports team theme, use the colors of the team.

However, if you choose something broader, like a season, your color choices will broaden along with your theme.

I find it easiest to say your theme out loud and choose the colors that pop into your head first. Those are the colors that you associate with your theme and chances are, others associate the same colors which will make your wreath more aesthetically pleasing to all.

Utilize the Power of Black and White Ribbon Colors

You may think that the more colors you use, the better. But sometimes it’s best to use just a few colors and work in black and whites. 

Choosing to throw in black and white along with your general color scheme will enhance your wreath’s presentation. White takes some of the focus away from your busy colors, making the wreath seem calmer and organized while causing your dark or dull colors to pop.

Black pulls everything together nicely and makes the brighter, more vibrant colors burst. Something as simple as adding in a black or white ribbon can make or break your wreath design.

How to Choose Patterns for Your Project

Patterns for your wreath is almost as important as choosing colors. They add depth and texture to the wreath. Most patterns will follow naturally with the themes. 

Pick out patterns that effortlessly communicate the overall wreath theme. Some of the most common ribbon patterns are:

If you choose to use multiple patterns, you may want to consider using more dull, subtle colors to compliment the craziness of the different patterns. You can decide this by utilizing a theme or focal point on your wreath. 

Choose Patterns Based On The Person Receiving It

Something else to keep in mind is if you plan to gift or sell any of the wreaths you are making. If you love purple, but you plan to gift a wreath to someone who isn’t as fond of purple, you may want to skip using it for their sake.

What you plan on doing with your wreath when it’s finished can also have a huge impact on your theme, as well as the colors. If you plan to keep your wreath up all year round, it’s probably not best to use something that is catered towards a certain season or time of the year.

Pick Your Ribbon Material

The last point to take into consideration is the type of material you are using for your ribbon.

These are the most common types of ribbons for wreaths:

  • Grosgrain ribbon works well for trimming and edging your wreath, and it comes in a large variety of colors.
  • Satin ribbon is used in more elegant wreaths.
  • Velvet can be used for a more elegant feel and look, it is perfect for holiday wreaths.
  • Canvas has a great texture and is stiff and holds its shape perfectly. It is a perfect ribbon type for bows and loops.
  • Wired ribbon works wonders if you need a ribbon that is sturdy, like for making your own bow. *NOTE* We only recommend the use of wired ribbon for craft projects no matter what material the ribbon is made of.

Material for ribbons is much like patterns. Many different materials can be used to fit your theme, but what is most important is that your colors compliment each other. 

How to Choose Ribbon: Make It Your Own

All in all, picking your color scheme all about personal preference. If choosing random colors that catch your eye is natural to you, then color schemes are probably simple for you. However, if you aren’t as seasoned as others in wreath making, just remember to base your colors around a focal point and everything else will fall into place. Happy wreath making!

How to choose ribbon colors and patterns

If you’re in need of any help with bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths. We would love to see your ruffle wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group. If you are interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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