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Y’all…our Pinterest friends love bow tutorials, so we figured why not make it nice and easy and wrangle up our favorite bow making tutorials in one spot. There’s a mix of methods from using bow making tools like the Pro Bow or EZ Bow Maker, as well as handmade bows. So we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your preference.

6 Bow Making Tutorials You'll Love

Our Favorite Bow Making Tutorials

I’ve put together a number of bow making video tutorials but we handpicked six that I think are perfect to get you rolling. On a recent Facebook live, I used an EZ Bow Maker to make a Terri Bow. Can you spot them in the pic below?

Deco Mesh Wreath for Valentine's Day

How to Make a Terri Bow 2-Ways

Terri Bows consist of 6 different styles of ribbon, however quick note you can always use 3 patterns and double up.

Terri Bow by Hand

Here is a list of supplies to making a Terri Bow by hand.

  1. 1 piece of 1 ½” ribbon that is cut 19” long
  2. 1 piece of 2” ribbon that is cut 34” long
  3. 1 piece of 1 ½” ribbon that is cut 36” long
  4. 1 piece of 2” ribbon that is cut 37” long
  5. 1 piece of 1 ½” ribbon that is cut 40” long
  6. 1 piece of 2” ribbon that is cut 42” long
  7. 1 pipe cleaner

Terri Bow with an EZ Bow Maker

Using the EZ Bow Maker for Terri Bows make it quick and easy. You can usually craft a beautiful bow in less than 10 minutes!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Make a Bow on a Pro Bow Maker

Aren’t these patriotic themed bows gorgeous? Check out this tutorial How to Make a Wreath Bow with a Pro Bow!

Patriotic wreath made with Pro Bow

Supplies you’ll need:

Make a Bow by Hand

Y’all, don’t worry if you don’t have a bow maker tool. God gave you two, that’s right, your hands! Tiffany from Woodland Ridge Design helped us out with this great tutorial, watch it here.

Here’s a quick list of supplies you’ll need:

How to Make a 3-2-1 Bow

This multi-layered bow is very easy to make. In this tutorial, we used the EZ Bow Maker and you absolutely can create a bow in 5 minutes!

Supplies you’ll need to create a 3-2-1 Bow:

The Damon Bow!

Can’t forget about the Damon bow y’all! You can watch the tutorial here. All it requires is some ribbon and wire!

Damon Bow Supplies:

Do you have a favorite bow? How about a favorite method – bow making tool or good ol’ hands? Let us know in the comments below or join us in our How to Make Wreaths group on Facebook!

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