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Are you passionate about your craft but find that the leap from hobbyist to entrepreneur is a daunting one? Do terms like online presence, market research, and business strategies sound more like alien jargon than the indispensable tools of a thriving business owner?

The Makers University makes the path to starting, optimizing, and scaling your very own creative business a whole lot easier AND a lot less lonely. It isn’t just a program; it’s a vibrant community buzzing with innovation, learning, and, most importantly, success stories.

creative coaches at The Makers University

Crafting Your Business Vision with The Makers University

The road to building a creative business can be lonely, with many new things to learn in the growth process. But what if you could take this journey with a community that not only shared your passions but also your ambitions?

Business Coaching that Leads to Crafted Success

The Makers University’s Business Coaching Group is designed for the creative entrepreneur. Imagine having 6 seasoned business coaches guide you through marketing strategies, learning the new tech pieces, and more to keep your enterprise growing.

Here, you have access to more than just information; you gain insight from a pool of diverse business professionals and entrepreneurs who live and breathe creativity. The coaching at The Makers University is not a one-size-fits-all approach but a personalized blueprint for success, aligning your business strategy with your creative vision.

Creative Coaching for Artisans in the Making

For the faux floral designers, the Creative Coaching Group offers a specialized haven. Perfect for beginners and mid-level crafters who want to learn the ropes or veterans looking to expand their design styles, here you’ll hone your craft with our seasoned creative coaches.

With step-by-step guidance, live demonstrations, and feedback sessions, your wreaths will become more than just decorations; they’ll be a testament to the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired at The Makers University.

Weaving Success Stories

Doubtful if a program can turn your creative passion into a sustainable business? Let the tales of transformation speak for themselves.

Case Study 1: From Hobby to Full-Time Success

Coach Jordan from Makers University holding up a handmade Christmas wreath

“I would have never thought that me making wreaths for my mom and things for my grandma would lead up to me now shipping all across the US, teaching others, and sharing all my tips and tricks with thousands. Seriously y’all, like how is this my life?” – Jordan

Read more about Jordan’s success story!

Case Study 2: Family and Time Freedom

Makers University Success Story - Coach Mel

Mellie Mel is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She started her business Sincerely Creative in 2017 after being put on notice from her (now former) job… The company was selling and eliminating her position… how’s that for a kick start?

Since then, she has taken her business from selling to friends, family, and on Facebook marketplace to the growing BOOMING business it is today.

Read more about Mellie Mel’s success story!

Case Study 3: The Power of E-Commerce

Tammy Hodges - Polka Dot Wreath Co

“I dove deep into the whys of business and how to grow and scale an online platform. I closed my brick and mortar six months after I opened it because I realized other than the holiday season, I could make more in one week online than a month in the physical space and not be tied to that.”

Read more about Tammy’s success story!

Join the Creative Collective at The Makers University

For those who have the heart of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur, The Makers University is where those dreams take form—quite literally. Whether you’re at the inception of your crafting journey or looking to breathe new life into an existing business, The Makers University paves the way for your creative ventures to flourish.

Here, business isn’t just about profit margins. It’s about passionately creating, daring to dream big, and turning those dreams into a colorful reality that customers love.

Take the first step today, and watch how The Makers University transforms not just your business, but your entire approach to the beautiful blend of creativity and commerce. Let’s embark on this colorful and enriching journey together!

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