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If you’re looking for guidance on how to make a bow for a wreath, you’ve come to the right place! Learn how to make a Terri Bow (my version of it) by hand, which is perfect if you don’t have any bow-making tools like the ProBow.

Hey, y’all! I love making all types of bows for my wreaths! With so many different styles, ribbon colors, and designs, the number of possible bow combinations is endless.

Today I want to share with you how to use your leftover ribbons to make a quick Terri Bow for your wreath without using a bow maker. You’ll be using your hands instead!

I love making Terri Bows and using them on my wreaths. They add just the right “pop” of color to many of our wreath designs. 

What Is A Terri Bow?

The Terri Bow is a DIY wreath bow that typically uses 6 different ribbons, making it a great way to use up any leftover scrap ribbon! This technique was developed by Terri Marshal with Mil & Dil Designs using the ProBow bow maker. Her original method uses six different ribbons, but you can alter this any way you like.

How it looks just depends on the style you are looking for. There’s a lot of flexibility with the final outcome, thanks to the color variance alone!

Ways To Use Terri Bows

Although Terri Bows were primarily created to be used to decorate all different types of wreaths, there are lots of many ways to re-purpose them! 

Here are some other places to use Terri Bows:

  • Hanging on a door (without a wreath)
  • In a floral arrangement
  • As the bow on a gift
  • In your centerpieces
  • To accent holiday decorations (ex: on a pumpkin)
  • On top of your Christmas tree
  • As decorations for special events (ex: a wedding)

Once you’ve decided how you want to use your bow, it’s time to gather all of the materials needed.

Watch the video tutorial below:

How To Make A Terri Bow By Hand

While the original bow by Terri was created on a ProBow Bowmaker, that doesn’t mean that you can ONLY use that bow maker tool to make your own Terri Bows. People have told me over and over again that they have tried to make them by hand but have not been successful at doing so. 

Even though I have always turned to the ProBow for making Terri Bows, I’m here today to show you that you don’t need a tool to make beautiful Terri Bows. All you need are your hands—and lots of ribbon, y’all! 

Here is a list of tools and materials you need to get started.

Tools Needed:

  1. 1 piece of 26 gauge floral wire(28” long) 
  2. Wire cutters 
  3. Scissors 

Materials Needed:

  1. 1 piece of 1 ½” ribbon that is cut 19” long
  2. 1 piece of 2” ribbon that is cut 34” long
  3. 1 piece of 1 ½” ribbon that is cut 36” long
  4. 1 piece of 2” ribbon that is cut 37” long
  5. 1 piece of 1 ½” ribbon that is cut 40” long
  6. 1 piece of 2” ribbon that is cut 42” long
  7. 1 pipe cleaner

Once you have all of your tools and materials, check out this video tutorial I created on how to make a Terri bow by hand and follow along to make your very own bow.

Questions On How To Make A Terri Bow:

Do I have to make these bows by hand?

The answer is no. You don’t HAVE to use your hands to make a Terri Bow.

There are a couple of tools you can use when making bows for your wreaths. You can use the EZ Bow Maker which is one of my favorite tools for making bows. Keep in mind that you can make a Terri Bow with Bowdabra, EZ Bow Maker or ProBow Bow Maker.

Find the tool that works best for you. The basic method for making your bows will be the same and you will still have a beautiful bow when you are through. You can check out some of the other bow makers here.

Now, once you know what kind of bow style you want to make, then it’s a matter of choosing your ribbons and grabbing any tools that you need.

Can a Terri Bow be made with different ribbon? 

YES! It takes six different styles of ribbon to make an “official” Terri bow (and you can use scraps!), but that not even necessary.  You can even use 3 different styles and just double up on them. That is the beauty of this style.

You can also mix different widths of ribbon in your Terri Bow. Wired ribbon (whether it’s 1.5″ or 4″ in width) is the easiest ribbon to use for bow making.

My one piece of advice is to practice your bow making with some inexpensive ribbon, take it apart and practice again before using brand new expensive ribbon.

How To Use Leftover Ribbon

Most projects that need to be done with ribbon are usually done with the same type(s) of ribbon in larger quantities. What do you do when you get near the end of your ribbon but don’t have enough to make some of those larger projects?

This is another reason for making Terri Bows. Not only do they look amazing and crazy hard to make, but they are the PERFECT project for using up smaller quantities of your favorite ribbons.

There you go, y’all! I hope you enjoyed my video tutorial showing you how to make a Terri Bow by hand. 

As always, feel free to leave us a comment or question below or share this post with a friend. We appreciate getting your feedback and can’t way to provide y’all with more amazing content!

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Use this video to start making your own DIY wreath bow…try making the Terri Bow. It will look amazing on your handmade wreath!

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