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Farmhouse decor is HOT right now, but if you prefer more bright colors than muted ones you often find with that style, this design is for you! This DIY Farmhouse Swag is beautiful and will add just the right splash of color for your inventory (or front door!).

Hey, y’all! If you haven’t gotten on the farmhouse train, it’s not too late, and I highly recommend jumping on. The farmhouse decor rage has only gotten bigger and brighter over the last few years. And, the good news is that it’s super EASY to make!

That’s why I want to show you how you can take three simple products and turn them into designer-looking DIY farmhouse swag decor. This project is really simple to make and only requires a few supplies (5 to be exact). But, the best part is that it only took me 6 minutes from start to finish!

Beautiful looking decor like this that hardly takes any time is exactly the kind of thing you want to make to fill up any holes in your shop inventory. Your time is your most valuable asset as a Craftpreneur, so make the most of it by making decor like this that will sell like hotcakes.

Talk about getting the most “bang for your buck”!

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How to Make This Designer Farmhouse Swag

DIY Farmhouse Swag Decor

Here’s everything you’ll need as well as the instructions to make this fun swag design. If you want to see me make it, check out the video I made too!

Supplies You’ll Need

All you need are 5 different supplies and 10 minutes (or less). Gather these items:

Farmhouse Floral Swag Video Tutorial

I made a quick video to show you the process I used for this swag design. Follow along as you make your own!

How To Make This Designer Farmhouse Swag

If you missed a step or two in the video – or just prefer written directions, follow these steps to create your own swag.

Step 1

So, the first thing that we want to do is get your base and flowers all fluffed out.

Step 2

A pre-made floral swag base all by itself looks a little sparse. Take your larger stem and trim it down a little bit.

(You can use a stem cutter, regular wire cutters, or bolt cutters if you need.)

Step 3

Find the bare spots and just weave that stem right in there. Tie the stems at the top where they connect with a zip tie to hold it in place.

Step 4

Now, we can start taking your base and floral spray making sure they’re well mingled. Just ensure that all the flowers are incorporated into the face of your piece instead of hiding behind the greenery.

Step 5

We’re halfway done, y’all!

Now, we’ll take our bottom are next spray and add that to the bottom part of our swag to fill in the bare spots. Work that in there.

Step 6

Turn it over and give it a zip tie. So on the bottom stem we just added, I like to add a zip tie towards the top and then find another place on the stem where they somewhat meet. That helps keep that one stem from moving around too much.

Step 7

Zip ties are quick and easy-and your friend.

Snip off the extra zip tie. Make sure this is good and fluffed out and pretty.

Step 8

Now, we will make our little bow. I will use the EZ bow maker. You can get these on DecoExchange!

For this one, we just need 6″ tails and a few loops. Fasten to the swag base with two more zip ties.

And, there’s your designer swag. Just like that!

This DIY Farmhouse Decor Is One You’ll Love

A design like this will really add some curb appeal to any front door. Feel free to get creative and explore the possibilities this design has to offer for different seasons. It’s easy to create different looks with different swag and floral combinations (which will give you more repeat customers and sales!).

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DIY Farmhouse Door Decor
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DIY Designer Floral Farmhouse Swag

Make this designer-looking piece to sell or for your own door in under 10 mintues!



  • Fluff out your base and florals.
  • Trim down your florals.
  • Add your florals to the swag and secure them in the middle with a zip tie.
  • If your flowers are hiding behind greenery, pull them forward and fluff them out.
  • Add another zip tie to make sure everything is secured.
  • Take your EZ Bow Maker and ribbon of your choice (I used burlap). Make a few loops and a couple of 6" tails. Attach your bow to your swag with 2 more zip ties.

Just pin this designer farmhouse swag tutorial to save these instructions for a later time!

Make your Own Farmhouse Swag in under 6 minutes

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