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Hey guys, I want to show you how you can take three simple products and turn them into designer looking DIY farmhouse decor.  This project is fairly simple with very little supplies and it only took me 6 minutes!

You could really add some curb appeal with this gracing your front door. You don’t have to be stuck to one season, create different looks with different swag and floral combinations.

DIY Farmhouse Decor: Designer Swag in Under 6 Minutes

DIY Farmhouse Decor - Designer Swag




How to Make a Designer Farmhouse Swag

  1. So, the first thing that we want to do is get your base and flowers all fluffed out.
  2. A pre-made floral swag base all by itself looks a little sparse. Take your larger stem. Trim it down a little bit. (You can use a stem cutter, regular wire cutters, or bolt cutters if you need.)
  3. Find the bare spots and just weave that stem right in there. Tie the stems at the top where they connect with a zip tie to hold it in place.
  4. Now we can start taking your base and floral spray making sure they’re well mingled. Just ensure that all the flowers are incorporated into the face of your piece instead of hiding behind the greenery.
  5. We’re halfway done, y’all. Now, we’ll take our bottom are next spray and add that to the bottom part of our swag to fill in the bare spots. Work that in there.
  6. Turn it over and give it a zip tie. So on the bottom stem we just added, I like to add a zip tie towards the top and then find another place on the stem where they somewhat meet. That helps keep that one stem from moving around too much.
  7. Zip ties are quick and easy and your friend. All right. Snip off the extra zip tie.
  8. Make sure this is good and fluffed out and pretty. Y’all. There’s your designer base. Just like that.
  9. Now we will make our little bow. I will use the EZ bow maker. You can get these on DecoExchange. For this one, we just need a six inch tail and a few loops.
  10. Fasten with two more zip ties.

Y’all. There’s your designer swag. Just like that.

DIY Farmhouse Door Decor

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DIY Farmhouse Decor - Beautiful swag

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