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Y’all, crafting for the holidays is so great, but sometimes it’s fun to get back to those everyday designs. Today, Coach Mel is showing us how to make an everyday grapevine and burlap wreath and it is fabulous!

In some cases, the phrase “everyday” feels boring, repetitive, or run-of-the-mill. That can definitely prove true if you’re talking about your commute or your shoes but it’s a totally different story when it comes to wreaths!

When it comes to door decor “everyday” means: something beautiful to dress up your door between seasons. In the video below, Coach Mel is showing us how to make an everyday grapevine and burlap wreath that will prove my point perfectly!

How to Make an Everyday Grapevine with Burlap Ribbon

Everyday Grapevine and Burlap Wreath

This adorable wreath features some of the most popular elements in door decor. Grapevine, burlap, and some pretty greens all come together to make a beautiful wreath with a rustic feel. This design is sure to be a hit with farmhouse and garden lovers alike. It is also a very simple project to do. That makes it perfect for making multiples and for beefing up your lower price point products. Not sure how to efficiently make multiples of your designs? We have a post full of tips for you!

Mel uses burlap and small greenery for this wreath and the results are fabulous! That doesn’t mean that you have to stick to those supplies though y’all! If burlap isn’t your thing just swap it out for a different style of ribbon.

If you would rather use flowers instead of greenery, by all means use those. This tutorial is just meant to be a guideline. Once you get the concept you’ll be able to create your own simple designs!

Greenery tips….

We know that greenery can seem a little intimidating when you’re first starting out. But I’m here to tell you that there’s no reason to be scared! You don’t have to glue anything down on your first go y’all. That means you can lay out your greens where you think you want them and, if you don’t like the look, try again!

If you haven’t glued anything down you can try as many times as you want until you love it. And you won’t always feel the need for a practice round. After you have a few wreaths under your belt you’ll have it down! Want more tips on how to add greenery to your wreaths? We have a post for that too!

Everyday Grapevine with Burlap Ribbon
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Everyday Grapevine and Burlap Wreath

How to make a simple and beautiful everyday wreath
Yield: 1 Wreath


  • Start by making a simple hand bow. Leave an long tail, dovetail the end. Next, make a small loop (just under 4") for the center of your bow. Pinch then twist the ribbon and make another loop slightly larger than your last. Pinch, twist, and make a loop that matches the last one. Continue this process, making each set of loops a bit larger than the last, until your bow is as large as you want it. Then secure the center of the bow with a pipe cleaner.
  • Next use the pipe cleaners on your bow to attach it to the top right side of the grapevine. :Then fluff out your bow. 7:00
  • Use the wire cutters to separate the stems of your greenery sprays into smaller pieces. Then fluff up the pieces so they aren't laying flat. Start at the bow and use hot glue to attach the greenery to the wreath. Then work your way out from the bow.
  • Continue to add the greens evenly to fill out the wreath. Be sure to use a few tiny pieces of greenery in the bow itself.


How’s that for quick and easy y’all? Coach Mel is so great at explaining techniques, I hope y’all learned a lot. Remember, don’t be scared! Just get in there with the greenery. You’ll be a pro like Mel in no time! Happy crafting friends!

Just pin this everyday grapevine wreath with burlap ribbon tutorial below to find the instructions later!

DIY Everyday Grapevine with Burlap Ribbon


If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

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