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Hey y’all—the fall season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to decorate your doors and porches with colorful fall foliage and pumpkins galore! Do you love the look of a designer fall wreath, but have no idea how to even start creating one? Do you walk into your local craft store and become overwhelmed by all of the choices?DIY Fall Wreath in under 6 minutes

DIY Fall Wreath in less than 6 Minutes

Well, no worries, we created a tutorial for a designer fall wreath, using six simple pieces! And the best part…it takes under six minutes to create! Anyone can do this! You don’t have to be a floral expert to pull this off. I’ll show you how to create a wreath that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors in this short, easy to follow tutorial.

DIY Fall Wreath Supply & Tool List:

How to make a fall wreath in less than 6 minutes

How to Make a Fall Wreath Instructions:

  1. Start by using your stem cutter or wire cutters to trim the excess length from your picks. I like to trim the skinny part of the floral pick off, just where it starts to thicken (several inches).
  2. Insert the first Fall foliage pick into the bottom of the grapevine wreath. Make sure to curve your stem so that it follows the natural shape of the wreath. Pro tip: insert the pick at an angle to keep the stem from protruding out of the back of the grapevine.
  3. If you plan to make this wreath to sell, hot glue all of your stems into the wreath. If you are making this wreath for your personal door, no need for glue. You can reuse this wreath for other seasons by switching out the stems!
  4. Next, add the second Fall foliage pick to the top of the wreath, facing in the opposite direction. Again, curving your stem to the natural flow of the wreath.
  5. Add your first decorated Fall stem to the bottom of the wreath by layering it on top of the Fall foliage pick. This will create a full look.
  6. Add your second decorated stem to the top of the wreath by layering it on top of the Fall foliage. Now you have fullness at the top and bottom of the wreath.
  7. Now check the back of the wreath and trim off any excess stems with your wire cutters. You don’t want to scratch your door.
  8. Let’s make the bow! Measure a 14 inch tail of wired ribbon and insert into the EZ Bowmaker. Using your EZ Bowmaker, make a six inch loop on both sides. Three loops total on both sides, making each additional loop slightly smaller. Trim another 14 inch tail. Use floral wire and wrap tightly around the bow. Be sure to check out our bow tutorials on this blog, if you need additional help.
  9. Using the floral wire to secure it to the grapevine, attach the bow in between the top and bottom floral picks. Adjust your bow and florals.
  10. Hang this beauty proudly on your door!

Quick fall wreath tutorial

That’s it, y’all! I told you that it was easy! Now, you know the secret to creating a designer Fall wreath that didn’t take hours to make or break the bank. All it takes is six simple pieces and less than six minutes of your time! If you’re interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths, where to buy supplies, and being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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