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This DIY wreath bow tutorial is for both beginners and advanced wreath makers because you can always learn a new technique to improve your crafting skillset. Watch our creative coaches making bows and trying something new.

Hey, y’all! In my opinion, bow-making is one of the best parts of wreath design! Although, I do remember not feeling that way when I first started making wreaths because creating bows definitely takes time and practice.

When we share a bow-making tutorial, it follows the process we used to create that bow, making crafters think they have to use that same method.

However, over time, we’ve learned that different methods work better for different people. What works for one person may not work well for another. Beginners may feel frustrated to hear that, but friends, having the freedom to find and use techniques that click for you is a special gift in crafting.

Take it from me: There is no right or wrong way of making bows. If you end up with a beautiful bow, the process you used to make it isn’t that important!

We all have different styles, so it is important to check out what other people do because you may learn something that makes the process easier for you. I always recommend trying several different methods and then choosing the ones that work best for you.

So today’s tutorial is taking a different approach. Instead of focusing on making a bow using one single technique, our creative coaches Mel and Jacquie have fun teaching (and learning!) about bow-making. 

Note: Once you watch the video tutorial down below, try making some of our popular wreath bow designs, including the Everyday Bow Tutorial and DIY Wreath Bow, using a new technique you learned to see what you can create!

DIY Bow Making Tips and Tricks

New DIY Wreath Bow Techniques

It is so much fun to get some of my best wreath-making buddies together because we work hard but laugh harder. Mel and Jacquie were in town recently, and we decided to go LIVE with some bow-making fun.

Y’all, as Craftpreneurs, we’re always learning new methods and trying something new, right? That’s how we increase our skills and give our customers variety.

We took advantage of some time together to learn new techniques from each other as we made a simple wreath bow. Yep, even the pros can always learn something new!

Simple Bow Supplies Needed

Here’s what you’ll need to gather so you can follow along with us:

Making A Bow Video Tutorial

One of the reasons it is so awesome to be a part of this crafting community is that we are able to share ideas and learn from each other. We all do things a little bit differently, which means that you can pick and choose which methods work best for you.

We love to teach y’all, but as you’ll see in the video, we are also constantly learning from each other!

Mel and Jacquie normally use different methods but were willing to give the bow maker a try. They both found different ways the tool makes the process easier for them. If you want to see more about using the EZ Bowmaker, we have a post for that too.

Watch the video below to see us share and try a few different bow-making techniques!

How To Make A Simple DIY Wreath Bow

We kept the bow design simple because we wanted to highlight the differences between techniques, and that’s harder to do with a more complex bow design.

Step 1

Get your EZ Bow Maker and ribbons.

Step 2

Take your 4-inch ribbon and measure (2) 12-inch tails and (2) 6-inch loops.

Step 3

Next, use the 2.5-inch ribbon to measure (2) 12-inch tails and (2) 5-inch loops.

Step 4

Grab the 1.5-inch ribbon and measure (2) 12-inch tails and a single 4-inch center loop.

Step 5

Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of your bow. Twist tightly.

Looking to perfect your technique for making a bow by hand? Check out how to make a Damon bow by hand!


Do you have questions about the bow-making tricks we used in the video? Check to see if we’ve answered it below. Please leave your question in the comments if you can’t find it down below.

What are mailbox bows?

While playing with ribbons, you may have noticed that we also answered some questions viewers submitted about mailbox bows.

Mailbox bows are a great way to tie your outdoor decor together. You can use leftover ribbon from a wreath you made to make a mailbox bow that matches! Part of what we cover includes the best size bow to use and where (and how) to attach it.

And, y’all, crafting isn’t always a safe sport! You’ll see Mel get attacked by a mailbox and learn the best way to defend yourself against such assaults.

Is it better to use pipe cleaners or zip ties on bows?

In terms of how your final product turns out, it doesn’t matter which one you use! Either works, and our group of creative coaches includes crafters who prefer each of them. The choice of whether to use a pipe cleaner or a zip tie will come down to these factors:

  • Which one you have on hand
  • Your preference
  • The size you need (it’s easier to take two pipe cleaners and make an extra-long pipe cleaner for large bows)

Life is a learning experience. None of us have all the answers, and no one should ever stop striving to learn new things. I’m excited for you to try out some new DIY wreath bow techniques. I’m even more excited for you to see how making mistakes and trying new things is how we grow.

And there’s no shortage of that in this tutorial.

Grab some of your favorite ribbon and your best crafting buddies and join us as you attempt making a bow using a new method!

Try New Techniques To Improve Your DIY Wreath Bow Skills!

I know some crafters (especially beginners) can find trying new processes a little daunting. But I want to encourage you to let go of the fear and just have fun with it. After all, mistakes and failures are often the inspiration for incredible new ideas!

If you want even more inspiration for making bows, don’t leave without first checking out some of our popular designs:

DIY Wreath Bow Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced Makers

If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How To Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

If you’re interested in more info on learning how to make wreaths or being in a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

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DIY Wreath Bows Techniques Tutorial

Learn new techniques for making a simple bow using the EZ Bow Maker.
Yield: 1 bow


  • Get your EZ Bow Maker and ribbons.
  • Take your 4" ribbon and make a 12" tail and a 6" loop on each side.
  • Then with your 2.5" ribbon, measure a 12" tail and a loop on each side that's slightly smaller.
  • With your 1.5" ribbon, measure two tails and make a slightly smaller center loop.
  • Then get your pipe cleaner and wrap around the center of your bow. Twist nice and tight.

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