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Are y’all looking for a new type of everyday wreath to expand your skills? Check out this tutorial for making a gorgeous faux succulent wreath in less than 20 minutes! 

Hey, y’all! Succulents are really popular in the home decor world right now. This is especially true in wreath making, and it’s easy to see why!

They come in so many colors and shapes that it’s possible to design various projects that appeal to anyone! If you want to branch out and add something different to your product line, follow today’s tutorial to see how to do it.

As a Maker, it’s important to offer a variety of products in your store. We often focus a lot on seasonal items here on this site, because seasonal items are the bulk of our business. However, we also create and sell everyday items to help level out the peaks and valleys of seasonal revenue.

Although you can find several everyday designs here on the site, I’ve never worked solely with faux succulents before.

Succulents aren’t just for Southwest decor anymore y’all! They are being embraced by many different decorating styles. Whether it’s traditional, farmhouse, or eclectic, succulents are making themselves known in homes worldwide.

I’m sure that some of you have been using them for a while, but for some (like me), this is a new experience. Join me on this adventure, will you?

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How to Make a Faux Succulent Wreath in Less Than 20 Minutes

How To Make A Faux Succulent Wreath

I’m really excited to share this new everyday wreath design with you because I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

Supplies Needed

I used some super cute cactus ribbon in this project because I love how the little pink flowers brought out the maroon tones in the succulents.

Here’s what you’ll need to gather together to make this project. I’m including a few helpful links to make it easier to find many items.

Faux Succulent Wreath Video Tutorial

Since I know that many of you prefer to watch the process on video, I created one to show you how to make this everyday design. Check it out!

DIY Succulent Wreath Instructions

While succulents are definitely different from traditional florals and greenery, in many ways, we treat them the same. They will attach to your wreath base in similar ways, and you will be coordinating your ribbon colors just like you would with florals.

Step 1

Inspect and clean your grapevine so it won’t scrape the door or wall by removing any sticks that stick out too far or a few leaves if there’s an excess.

Step 2

Fluff out the succulent bush and use hot glue to add it to the center of the grapevine.

Learn about the secrets of attaching greenery if you need a little extra help with this!

Step 3

Make a funky bow.

Grab your EZ Bow Maker and the 2.5″ ribbon. Measure (2) 8″ tails on one side and a 6″ loop on the other side. Repeat the same process, putting the loop on the other side of the bow.

Using the same ribbon, make another layer, measuring out (2) 8″ tails and a 5.5″ loop. Direct this loop to the same side as your first loop. Repeat this process one more time, placing the loop on the other side of the bow.

Take your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of your bow, twisting the bow to tighten and secure it.

Use the same pipe cleaner to attach the funky bow to the bottom of your wreath. Trim the pipe cleaner ends and tuck them back into the grapevine.

Fluff out the bow and dovetail the ends at different lengths.

Step 4

Take a pineapple top succulent stem, bend the stem, trim off any excess, and attach it to the wreath at the bottom of the bow. Secure it in place with hot glue. Add another pineapple top succulent to the top of the wreath.

Step 5

Take more greenery stems, trim the sprigs off the main stem, and add them to the grapevine, feathering them into the design. Secure these pieces with hot glue as you add them.

That’s it! Your faux succulent wreath is now complete. Doesn’t it look great?

Create Your Own Faux Succulent Wreath Design

I encourage you to take our designs and tweak them to create something new and uniquely yours! There are many simple ways you can do this, from changing bow colors to using different greenery or adding more florals.

For example, this particular wreath would look amazing with some burlap ribbon mixed into the design. Or add a colorful Bromeliad bloom, which has the look and feel of a succulent but will add an eye-catching pop of color.

The possibilities for our wreath projects are basically limitless! I know that can feel empowering for some people and overwhelming for others. Just know that as you gain experience and develop your own style, it will become easier to adapt wreath designs and put your own flair on them!

Check out how to select the perfect ribbon for your project to learn more about how I do it. In many cases, the best advice is to just go with your gut and what looks good to you!

Add This Faux Succulent Wreath To Your Shop!

Y’all, it was so simple to make this full and beautiful DIY succulent wreath. If you are looking for a way to have your own little succulent garden on your front door, this project is perfect for you!

This wreath is ideal for year-round door decor. So, whether you are creating it for yourself or selling it, you can’t go wrong with mixing a few succulent pieces into your lineup.

If you want more everyday design inspiration, check out these tutorials. Don’t limit yourself to only making wreaths! I’m including some other decor designs too:

Faux Succulent Wreath in Less than 20 Minutes

If you need any help with wreath-making, centerpiece-making, bow-making, or other areas of crafting, be sure to check out more of our tutorials and tips on How to Make Wreaths.

We always enjoy seeing your beautiful creations! Please share them with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

We’re here to help! If you want more info on how to make wreaths or want to join a community of like-minded crafters, check out our Creative Coaching Subscription Group.

Creative Coaching - Free Tutorial
quick and easy succulent wreath
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Funky Bow using the EZ Bow Maker

Make this funky bow using the EZ Bow and add it to your wreaths and centerpieces!
Yield: 1 bow


  • Get your EZ Bow Maker and ribbons.
  • Take your 2.5" ribbon, measure 12" tail and a 6" loop on one side.
  • Using the same ribbon, continue measuring out an 8" tail and a loop slightly smaller with each layer. Alternate the loop on each side. There are 4 layers.
  • Then get your pipe cleaner and wrap around the center of your bow. Twist nice and tight.
quick and easy succulent wreath
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How To Make A Faux Succulent Wreath

Learn how to make a grapevine wreath with faux succulents and a funky bow.
Yield: 1 wreath


  • Clean your grapevine so that it won't scrape the door or wall.
  • Add the succulent bush to the center of the grapevine with hot glue. Make sure you fluff the succulent bush before you add it to the wreath base.
  • Take the funky bow and add it to the bottom of your wreath. Wrap pipe cleaner around the base. Trim pipe cleaners and tuck back into the grapevine.
    Fluff out the bow and trim ends into dovetails at different lengths.
  • Take a succulent stem, bend the stem, trim any excess, and at the bottom of the bow. Use the hot glue gun to secure greenery in place. Add to each side of the wreath.
  • take additional greenery stems and add them to the grapevine. Secure with hot glue.

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