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Today, Coach Mel is here to show us how to prep and clean a grapevine wreath frame so that it’s ready for making wreaths

Hey, y’all! Today, we’re talking about something I don’t think we’ve ever covered before: how to clean a grapevine wreath. 

prepping a grapevine wreath frame

Those beautiful, rustic, twiggy wreath frames look terrific on your door or wall, but they don’t come ready to just start building your wreath design on. 

Preparing them is a simple process, and Coach Mel is here to show you how to prepare your grapevine wreath frame so that you can get started on the fun part – making your wreath!

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How To Clean A Grapevine Wreath Frame

Hey everyone! Coach Mel here.

When you’re ready to start making a new grapevine wreath, follow this simple 2-step process to prepare and clean your grapevine wreath frame.

Step 1

Take a general look at your frame, comparing the two sides. You want to look for imperfections in the frame to help you determine which side to build on or “hide”. 

The better side in this case will be the side that is left empty to hang against the door because that’s the side that your customers will see.

Step 2

Flip your wreath base so that the back side is facing up. Rub your hands gently over the wreath base to find anything that’s sticking out and may potentially scratch your customer’s door. 

Use your bolt cutters and snip those pieces off.

And, that’s really it! It’s a quick and easy process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Grapevine Wreath Bases

Here are some questions I frequently get asked about by some readers…

Do I need to pull out every single leaf from the frame?

No! Pull a few out if they’re sticking way out or look out of place. Otherwise, don’t worry about leaves because people know they’re buying a natural wreath and it has leaves.

How do I decide which side is the front to design on and which side is the back?

Look for imperfections in the shape of the wreath. You may find areas that are a little thinner than the rest of the base or areas that aren’t perfectly round. 

Pick the side with the imperfections and cover that side up with your florals, bows, signs, mesh, etc.

Don’t Forget To Prep Your Wreath Frame!

Preparing your grapevine wreath frame is a simple but essential part of making your wreaths. It ensures that you are delivering high-quality products to your customers, which in turn ensures that you have repeat customers!

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Just pin this how to clean a grapevine wreath base tutorial below to find the instructions later!

before and after cleaning grapevine wreath base
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