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Hey Yall! We made this wreath Live on Facebook! 

This wreath was made a 15-24″ wreath frame using 10″ mesh. The 10″ poofs were done on all THREE rings of the wreath.

We then added 2 14″ ribbon tails to every twist tie on the top and bottom ring. Each twist tie recieved 1ea  11/2″ ribbon and 1ea 2 1/2″ ribbon.

We then made 3 terri bows on the Probowthehand which consisted of 7 ribbons total! 4 of the ribbons were 11/2″ and 3 were 2 1/2″.

We finished the wreath off by a adding the adorable little cat, that was designed by a member of my coaching group!!

  • All of the ribbon was from
  • the wreath frame was handmade using this tutorial – and adding an extra ring to the center –
  • The 10″ mesh can be found at
  • The probow can be purchased from my affiliate link on amazon
  • The cat and other wreath attachments can be found at 27 Layne Wreath Attachments & Embellishments



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