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Y’all, fall naturally gives us some of the most beautiful colors imaginable. I just love being able to replicate those colors every year in my wreaths! In this video, I will show you how to make a “Hello Fall” wreath that has some of my favorites. 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to craft for y’all! I love the colors, the textures, and all the possibilities for creativity. The video below shows you how I made a “Hello Fall” wreath to welcome this cozy season.

brown, orange, and blue deco mesh wreath with sign

How to Make a “Hello Fall” Wreath

Fall starts one of the busiest seasons in the crafting world. And hot on the heels of the fall fun is the Christmas season, and we all know how busy that is! So, our best plan of attack for staying out of the production weeds is to go into fall strong. This beautiful deco mesh wreath is a great project to help you hit the ground running! If you need help staying on top of your production schedule, I have a post that teaches you how to use a craft calendar to schedule your craft production. You never have to find yourself behind again!

I show you how to use one of the handiest tools to use when using mesh in your wreaths. Enter: the mesh roller! You don’t have to use one of these but y’all, it will make your life so much easier. I also give you some tips on the easiest/best ways to work with your mesh. Such as, don’t over think your ruffles! They don’t need to be perfect. We strive for perfection in too many areas of our lives already. You don’t need to worry about your wreath ruffles! If you are looking for more tips on how to make a deco mesh wreath base we have a blog post for that too!

I also use the Pro Bow bow maker to make some of the bows for this wreath. I love tools that make my wreath making easier and this one is no exception. Not only does it make bow making easier though, it makes them look more professional. I know that bow making doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But is so important to have beautiful, professional looking, bows on your wreaths. So keep practicing, try different methods, and use any tool that helps you make bows you can be proud of!


DIY Hello Fall Wreath
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How to Make a Bow using the Pro Bow

Learn how to make a Bow using the Pro Bow
Yield: 1 bow


  • Sort out what ribbons you will be using. Measure out 4 pieces of floral wire about 24-inches each. Cut the floral wire with your wire cutters.
  • Let's start with our first ribbon. Measure out about 7-inches for the tail. Take a wire and fold it in half, give it a pinch around the ribbon, and we're going to tie it off. Wrap the ribbon around your center peg. Pinch on the bottom peg, twist, and tie it off on the top.
  • Now that you have your center loop, you'll need to add your second wire. Fold the wire in half and work it through.
  • Add some strands of hay for the autumn look.
  • Take your 2.5" ribbon, trim into a dovetail, Measure out about 7-inches for the tail. Take a wire and fold it in half, give it a pinch around the ribbon, and we're going to tie if off. Wrap the ribbon around the next peg. Pinch on the bottom peg, twist, and loop on the other side. Cut the dovetail. Tie off with the wire. Add some strands of hay.
  • Repeat the step above until all the pegs are used working your way outwards from the center peg. Once you're done, tie off, unwrap the first wire from the top and bottom from when you first started. Take off your bow from the Pro Bow.
  • Take your fluff box, place the bow in the center and wrap the wires on the side hooks to keep it in place. Fluff out your bow, start with the outside and work your way to the center.
DIY Hello Fall Wreath
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DIY "Hello Fall" Wreath

Learn how to make a "Hello Fall" Wreath
Yield: 1 wreath
Author: Damon Oates


  • Fluff out wreath form.
  • Take your 10" mesh and cut (18) 30" pieces.
  • Take each of the 18 pieces of mesh, scrunch down the center, and add to every wreath tie. This is the ruffle method. Do start at the bottom of the wreath frame and work your way to the top to avoid getting tangled up.
  • Get out your ribbon tail board, 2.5" ribbon, and 1.5" ribbon.
  • Wrap 2.5" ribbon around the ribbon tail board and cut into (18) 14" strips.
  • Wrap 1.5" ribbon around the ribbon tail board and cut into (36) 14" strips.
  • Cut ends into dovetails.
  • Layer (2) 1.5" ribbon strips on top of (1) 2.5" ribbon strip, fold in half, scrunch in middle, and add to the wreath ties. Start with the bottom row.
  • Fan out the ribbon tails. and Make sure it all points out to make the wreath look bigger.
  • Repeat previous 2 steps until you add ribbon tails to each wreath tie on the bottom and then the top ties.
  • Get your wreath sign, pipe cleaners, and staple gun. Staple a pipe cleaner to each corner on the back of the sign.
  • Add sign to wreath frame in the center. Thread pipe cleaner around the back and tie nice and tight.
  • Then add your bow to your wreath to the bottom right of the sign.
  • Take (5) of the 2.5"ribbons and cut 10" strips to make ribbon tails. Scrunch one end and wrap a zip tie around, threading a pipe cleaner for good measure. Trim the excess of the zip tie. Trim the ends of the ribbon tails into dovetails. Fluff out the tails.
  • Add the ribbon tails underneath the bow. Use the pipe cleaner to attach to the wreath form.
  • Take (3) of the 2.5"ribbons and cut 24" strips. Take the first strip and fold it in half (tails facing the bottom). Take the next strip and fold in half (tails facing the top). Then take the last strip and fold in half (tails facing the bottom). Layer each one on top of the other and then fold all in half and scrunch at the center. Use the hay to the center. Dovetail all the ends.
  • Add the cheater bow to the wreath. Fluff out the bow.
  • Repeat previous 2 steps 5 more times for a total of 6 cheater bows.

Alright y’all! You have the list of supplies you need and my video showing you step by step how to make this “Hello Fall” wreath. Time to grab yourself a cup of something warm and cozy and dig into your fall crafting. Cheers!

autumn color bow, Hellow Fall pumpkin wreath sign

If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We would love to see your beautiful summer wreaths! Please share with us over at the How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.


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