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You’ve heard of it. You’ve seen it in stores. BUT, do you know how to use a 4-inch ribbon? If you’ve been wondering how to use a 4-inch wired ribbon, this post is for you!

Hey, y’all! One of the things I am most proud of when it comes to our business is the community we’ve created. Our readers (that’s you!) aren’t shy about asking questions, sharing opinions, and requesting things they want to see from us. I love it!

I’ve recently had a couple of readers ask me about 4-inch wired ribbons. Specifically, the questions centered around how to use such a large ribbon and if it could be used in bows and wreaths.

The majority of the projects you’ve seen from us utilize 1.5 or 2.5-inch ribbons. But every now and then, you’ll catch us incorporating a 4-inch wired ribbon.

So, can you use a 4″ ribbon in bows? Absolutely!

Y’all, a 4″ ribbon is perfect for creating beautifully layered bows. It’s not exclusive to any season, either. There are some really detailed designs that come with a wider surface area.

If you want to build your bow-making skills, check out our Damon’s Top Bow Maker, Everyday Bow, and The Damon Bow tutorials!

2 bows with 4 inch ribbon

How Can I Use 4-Inch Wired Ribbon?

Since we make bows for wreaths all the time, the first obvious way that comes to mind is in bows. And, believe it or not, you CAN use 4-inch ribbons in bows.

But remember, friends, bows are not exclusive to wreaths. We’ve used them on garlands, centerpieces, tree toppers, and more. So get creative!

Here are some of our more recent tutorials that require a 4-inch wired ribbon.

Easter Chick Wreath

easter chick wreath

You can see how all the different sizes and patterns really create a full and layered design. I love how colorful and fun this wreath is, and the 4-inch wired ribbon pulls the design together.

Farmhouse Windmill Wreath

Sunflower and Windmill Wreath

This sunflower and windmill wreath could really be hung all year round. The neutral-toned 4″ ribbon creates a beautiful transition between the floral steams and bow.

Plus, it adds just the right amount of “pop” to stand out among the colorful florals.

Snowman Tree Topper

silvery snowman tree topper

Isn’t the 4″ ribbon in this bow gorgeous?! This is the perfect example of taking a budget-friendly piece and giving it a makeover. The silver and black really turn this snowman tree topper into a designer Christmas decor element.

How To Make A Bow Using 4″ Wired Ribbon

Here’s the process for making a very simple ribbon using a 4-inch wired ribbon.

Video Tutorial

We know how much you love videos! Watch the video below to see how we created a multi-layered bow using 3 of the most common-sized ribbons available.

Materials Needed


Follow this simple process to create a standard bow using all three common bow sizes.

Step 1

Grab your EZ Bow Maker and ribbons.

Step 2

Take the 4″ ribbon and measure (1) 12″ tail with (1) 6″ loop on each side.

Step 3

Next, take your 2.5″ ribbon and measure (1) 12″ tails and (2) 5.5″ loops on each side.

Step 4

Finally, grab your 1.5″ ribbon and measure (1) 12″ tail and (1) 5″ loop on each side.

Step 5

Take your pipe cleaner and tie off the center of your bow, nice and tight. Finish your ribbon tails but cutting them at an angle or dovetailing them. Fluff out your bow.

4 different patterned ribbons

Where Can I Find 4″ Wired Ribbon?

You can find these ribbons at your local Michael’s or another craft store.

However, we love making things easier y’all, so we offer some of our favorite 4-inch wired ribbons through our own warehouse. Before you drive to a store, check out all that DecoExchange has to offer!

checked 4-inch wired ribbon
green and beige chevron 4-inch wired ribbon
green textured 4-inch wired ribbon

If You Love 4-Inch Wired Ribbon, Here’s More Inspiration!

Check out these other popular designs where you can incorporate a 4-inch wired ribbon in your bows.

If you need any help with centerpiece-making, bow-making, wreath-making, or crafting in general, be sure to check out more of our tutorials on How to Make Wreaths.

We can’t wait to see some of your own designs using a 4″ ribbon! Make sure to share photos over at our  How To Make Wreaths Facebook Group.

Happy bow-making!

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How to Make a Bow with 4″ Ribbon

Learn how to make a bow using 4" ribbon
Yield: 1 bow


  • Take out your ribbons and EZ Bow Maker.
  • Start with the 4" ribbon. Measure 12" tail and 6" loop on each side.
  • Next, take your 2.5" ribbon. Measure 12" tail and (2) 5.5" loops on each side.
  • Last, take your 1.5" ribbon. Measure 12" tail and a 5" loop on each side.
  • Take your pipe cleaner and tie off the center of your bow nice and tight. You can cut your tails at an angle or turn them in to dovetails. Fluff out your bow.

Just pin this how to use 4″ wired ribbon tutorial to save these tips and ideas for later!

Different bows made with 4 inch ribbon
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